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Col. Cpool Bucket or BBrain\'s LABEL?

Started by mcnallzdawg, August 16, 2004, 04:27:53 pm

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Hello Travis and team,

The site looks great since last time I was here back at the time of Thanatopsis Axiology coming out.  

I was wondering what label c2B3 was coming out on?
It is not listed at any of their websites, including the new  and calls and conversations with some member\'s managers did not lead far either.  Seems as if people are aware of the project but no one knows the specifics, but September is approaching fast!  Is TDRS studios putting the album out?  
Do you know any contacts at the label who is putting it out?

Thanks in advance for any help.

acrellim states that the CD will be on Prawn Song Records.


I would think for sure it will be on Prawn Song Records, I\'m not sure why it hasn\'t be announced as such. If I find out more I\'ll add it to this thread.


It appears while I was busy typing Acrellim beat me to it.


My friend said it says it on c2b3 too.  I can\'t see it on either.  What am I missing?  Can you point it out to me?

Hey acrellim did you go to the NYC or Boston Giant Robot show?


I went to the Boston show.  You were right about the Paradise being a great place to see a show.  That show was pretty amazing.  Were you there, as well.  Did you ever get an audio or video from the show?  My kids couldn\'t get in because of the Mass. state law, so I was hoping my kids could see and hear what they missed.


I did not get a recording.  I spoke with Jason from and I gave him the set list I got after the show.  Jason is a very serious taper which is good and bad.  It is good because he gets high quality stuff and it is bad since he gets so much stuff it takes him awhile to get it all together and out there.  He is also a huge Phish fan, and well who knows when he\'ll recover from chasing them around this month.  I heard Coventry was a complete disaster.  The Vermont state police turned people away because the site was flooded and I heard that Trey was on some serious drugs and played AWFUL.  Glad I don\'t like Phish.  But I bet it could be months before he gets buckethead done.  I will definitely pass on anything I get.   Jason is very nice, check out his site, pretty freaky  has sound if you are at work.  But you\'ll get the idea of what i mean when I say it may take awhile for this recording.

I am glad you liked the Paradise.  

I finally found where it says Prawn Song on Les\' site, sorta weird since one CCBOBB link takes you to and another takes you to