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Started by gkg, June 08, 2004, 05:34:36 pm

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Chris DiCicco

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QuoteMachete, we do try not to call people names on this forum.  If one feels compelled to call someone a name the least one can do is spell it correctly.

He deserved it.


i disagree.  while we do go off on tangents, and we naturally have many differing opinions, we try not to make personal attacks against each other.  it\'s rude and unproductive.  

if you want to counter someone\'s position, present a fact to support your side, don\'t just toss out misspelled taunts.  that reflects more poorly on you than on the person you\'re disagreeing with.  the last thing you want is to wind up looking an ass.

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uh, who cares about the spelling?  this could\'ve been a decent and educative discussion if there was some mutual respect and listening (still could be if anyone has some thoughts still to share)...


spelling is my own stupid peccadillo - long story.  there\'s a major difference to me between sloppy and not knowing.  if you\'re ripping someone a new one - think about the how and why, rather than just sloppily tossing some garbage their way.

i agree about the room for discussion - this is vitally important in the current social climate - election year or not.

there is a wealth of information available on the 12 years of reagan & bush1 that drove our country into the moral morass we can\'t seem to pull ourselves free from.  take a look at what the baptist groups are doing now if you want to see how far reaching those years were - a 100 year bond has been broken because the founding group doesn\'t think the world organization they helped form is conservative enough.

i sincerely hope everyone is going to go see "Fahrenheit 9/11."  if you\'re sure it\'s bullshit, go see it to find out for yourself.  you will undoubtably learn something, even if you already do agree with what you\'ve heard.

image = <i>"Blue Velvet"</i> (front of 2-sided piece) (c) georgia k griffin - all rights reserved


[glb]On the hysteria surrounding Reagan\'s death:[/glb]

"There was something similar after the JFK assassination, but of course the assassination of a living president is quite different. I don\'t recall anything else remotely similar, perhaps since FDR, in the midst of a war, and of course he really was a significant figure, whatever one\'s judgment of him. Reagan is another story: mostly a PR creation in the first place, and massively so in recent years.

During his years in office, Reagan was not particularly popular. Gallup just published poll figures comparing him during office with other presidents. His average ratings during his years in office were below Kennedy, Johnson, Bush I, and Clinton; above Nixon, Ford, Carter. This is averages during their terms in office. By 1992 he was ranked just next to Nixon as the most unpopular living ex-president. Since then there has been an immense PR campaign to convert him into a revered and historic figure, if not semi-divine, and it\'s doubtless had an effect..."

- Noam Chomsky


As far as "Fahrenheit 911" goes, it looks very promising.  Caution though: Moore will most likely distort a few things to make the movie funnier.  Thus the conservatives and democrats will attack these distortions to discredit him.  However, the main points, such as Bush\'s financial ties to the Bin Laden family, will withstand such attacks and serve as a wake-up call to many...


fandangoed a pair of tix as soon as they came up - really looking forward to it.

i\'m told moore doesn\'t play around as much on this one -that it\'s really pretty straightforward - which is a good idea.

every politician and i suspect most people are PR creations of some sort, to one degree or another, even if only in their own minds.  we all have things we prefer people to know/not know about ourselves... an image we prefer to project.  the line most of us don\'t cross is the creation of an entirely false persona.

the scariest thing to me about reagan is i don\'t know that there was anything at all behind the projection - i think he brainwashed his own damn self.  or maybe the nation did it for him.

just gotta get out of the mess we\'re in now... start trying to mend the global fences, stop the hemorrhage of blood on foriegn soil.  ours and theirs.

image = <i>"Blue Velvet"</i> (front of 2-sided piece) (c) georgia k griffin - all rights reserved