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A PO Question

Started by colmatose, May 05, 2004, 06:48:55 pm

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I think this subject was touched upon once before, but maybe Travis can shed some light on this. :-/ On the Population Override CD, the last song, ..., cut's off at about 90 seconds. :\'( You're digging it, then all of a sudden he's done. Why Oh Why? :o It's a great riff. Is there a reason why he stopped? Is it a sample of things to come? What a teaser. ??? I'm just curious. Have I mentioned before that Population Override is one of my most favorite CD's that I have ever  purchased? ;D Population Overrode is one of my most favorite CD's that I have ever purchased. ;D


compare to truck fire on brain circus?


I love that blues riff.  I think you\'re right colmatose that it\'s a glimpse of things to come.  Just look at the title of the song, "..."


Looks like the track did what it was intended to do.


there you go, making \'em hungry all over again...   ;)

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