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PO question

Started by me_again, April 19, 2004, 07:29:41 pm

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My question comes from hexitt\'s response on the other subject page "PO - Bucket\'s Best Playing?" But I thought it might get lost if I asked it there.

hexitt - you said that PO had a more "funk mixed with blues" kind of sound. OK - now I\'m interested. A while back I asked what peoples top 5 BH albums would be (thx for the responses btw). My friend who originally introduced me to Bucket and the TDRS site, put together a mixture of HIS favorite BH tunes for me. Wish I could tell you which songs/albums they were, but all he would say is it doesn\'t matter - it\'s all good stuff.
Although I am absolutely, totally and completely impressed by the talent of BH playing, and all involved, it seemed mostly heavy metalish and ...... well ..... I\'m not a big fan of heavy metal.

There, I said it.

My first experience with hearing BH play was on PFA - and that I liked. And I\'m REALLY into fast funky, jazzy blues sounds. You know - where everyone is doing their own creative thing, but it all melds together, and it\'s wild and crazy and you have to stop everything you\'re doing cause it takes over your whole mind and body and you tend to burst into spontaneous laughter which makes you look crazy when you\'re in the car by yourself. You know what I mean.

So here\'s my question to anyone out there. Do you agree with hexitt - is PO more funkish than metal? Are some of Buckets other projects less heavy as well?


Electric Tears
Population Override
"Sea Of Expanding Shapes" off of Bermuda Triangle...

...they\'re all non-metal albumns/songs.


Also check out Thantopsis Axiology and El Stew.


giant robot and monsters and robots are fantastic non metal tracks.. the recent "del Brewer" tracks have been the heavest or since funnel weaver.



I\'m wondering about "Humans Vanish." It\'s such a cool little riff which Bucket starts, then plays some beautiful little chords, then it ends. Was this supposed to be something more, or was it, as I suspect, just Bucket noodling around and you happened to get it on tape?

I was ready for the drums & keys to kick in at about :16... that would\'ve been so cool.



thats how long it takes for a human to vanish.



Well, I know what you\'re saying but I\'m sure it takes alot LESS time than that if ya wanna get right down to it!  ;)


i think we should ask maximum bob his record tiem for making someone "dissappear". thatd get people talkin\'

wonder if he beats otis? i say Maximum bob for president!



Well I agree with you on that one. Bob would get my vote if for no other reason than because he\'s at least honest. He\'ll just come out and tell ya what\'s important to him.

"My sandwiches and my condiments -- survivors are optional."

How can you go wrong with a political agenda like that?


QuoteHe\'ll just come out and tell ya what\'s important to him.  

uh i think i\'d pass on what is important to him, well atleast what goes on on the slaughterhousees, reead the lyrics to feast of freaks if ya know what i mean!?



Well there\'s a major distinction between someone telling you where THEY\'re at and YOU being at the same place. As far as the content of the vast majority of Bob\'s lyric\'s ... HELL NO I\'m not in to that -- but I like the music.
What I\'m saying is, at least he just lays it out for all to see, take it or leave it. He\'s not claiming to be a catholic priest (for example) and then partaking in all manner of foulness. He lays out his priorities and you are free to run like hell if you should choose to do so.
That\'s what\'s up.



I\'m way behind everyone else who has already posted their praise for P.O. - but I just wanted to say how much I\'m loving this album.

Like others have mentioned, Too Many Humans is soooo beautiful! And the last track where Bucket is "bluesing" out -  ;D  ;D  ;D

With Humans Vanish, I keep playing that one over and over. I\'ve decided (in my mind anyway) that it sounds like the guitar is asking a really sweet question, and then receives a beautiful answer. So to me, even at .33 sec. it is a complete song.

Thank-you so much for this CD !


i know what you mean, dont get me wrong with the max bob. i love the creeps very much, and max is a sweetguy. so i \'ve seen and heard about.

so i say again Maximum bob for president!



With Humans Vanish, I keep playing that one over and over. I\'ve decided (in my mind anyway) that it sounds like the guitar is asking a really sweet question, and then receives a beautiful answer. So to me, even at .33 sec. it is a complete song.
Well that\'s a very cool and poignant perspective. Being a musician/recordist myself, maybe I\'m getting too deep into the technical aspects of it. I was just hoping for Travis\' insight on the track. It is indeed beautiful and self-contained as it is. Just curious if it was intended that way...



Hey folks,

Sorry I missed this thread when it first started and am just reading it for the first time now so forgive the lag time. Almost all the music is just us communicating as we play. the songs started as a riff that either I or Bucket would start playing and then we would all go from there. On some of the tracks we worked out some cord changes but a lot of them were just made up as we went. We worked out a lot of stuff as overdubs and that helped give it structure. This recorded started out as a kind of tribute to the great records of the seventies, Electricladyland, Layla, The man who sold the world, Blind Faith, Sticky Fingers, so we tried to get in that frame of mind. We recorded the little guitar snippets just for what they were used for, track segues.