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Song question...

Started by Machete, April 16, 2004, 05:46:22 am

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Buckethead had a song playing in the background while he didnt something during the show last week, and I can\'t figure out what it is.

It\'s a happy, upbeat, Disney kind of sounding song, some lyrics are:

"Marvelous _____, at your service, Marvelous _____ thats my name, and i\'ll do my best, to entertain you, the magic of laugh(?), \'cause that\'s my game. I can light up a sky, each day at sunrise, and knock(?) on the clouds, when it\'s time to rain. That\'s some of the magic, I have mastered, i\'ll show you the rest, when you call my name, I wanna... make the whole laugh, even if the laughs on me...."

Does anyone know that the name is?


Tiny Tim, I\'ll let you try to guess from what.


I have no idea, you have to give me all the information... I need this song.

Megan Bell

How bout a clue Travis?  ::)


Come on that\'s way to easy, where\'s your adventures spirit.

Megan Bell


"M" but that all the more you get from me, don\'t come back till you have the broomstick.


I might have it...

Tiny Tim, Marvelous Mervo...

Blood Harvest?


Ding, your good. Game over.

Megan Bell

Yur quick Machete. I just pulled that answer off, but you beat me to it.
That was fun though.


Now I have to find that song... any clues on where to get it? or what exactly it\'s called?


April 16, 2004, 07:28:22 pm #11 Last Edit: April 16, 2004, 07:41:24 pm by Megan
Machete I love that you asked this question (I am very impressed how you got most of the hinky lyrics under those conditions) and I love the ultimate answer even more (because of how it made me think of my dad and the b+w tiny tim poster he had up on his wall)- so I do you service in your song quest-
I may dare to see this movie myself- tiny tim as a killer clown just must be seen- now usually I myself avoid movie horror because of how it can bleed out and overdubb my own personal reality but hey I think I\'ll take a risk for this one-  
some are born to sweet delight
some are born to endless night


looks like a good film,

i get teasted and poked fun at, because my horror film Tastes are as people say "boring and crap" but, the main thing is i like them, one one occasian, i was watching the hills have eyes, and they started laughing, but the film was one of the first horror film i saw back in the late 80\'s *or maybe it was "THHE2"*. i even got given a dvd from someone, it was the vipco vaults of horror presents  The incredible melting man (banned for 15 years). for a joke, but i quite liked the film...Now thinking of it.....maybe the joke was on me? :\'(


have you checked out "Live Freaky, Die Freaky?"  i\'m waiting with bated breath to see what they come out with when the thing finally hits reality.


there\'ve been cast changes along the way but the bios are a hoot and i like killer of the week, although it\'s more like of the month...

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