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Started by colmatose, March 31, 2004, 11:32:55 pm

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I know what I want to say. Hopefully I can put it into words correctly. How can a wonderful cd such as Axiology, or Electric Tears get out to more people. I mean it\'s just too bad that more people can\'t enjoy this music. Everyone I have played these cd\'s for are amazed they have never heard of them. I\'ve played Axiology for a group of my friends, and they wonder why they can\'t walk into a store and buy it. Is it the price of advertising? I guess I just don\'t get the whole Distribution thing. Why won\'t \'Island of Lost Souls\' be on the shelves at Tower Records?
And while I\'m throwing out all these questions, here\'s one more? When can we look forward to seeing Thanatopsis live? Has there ever been any talk of that ?


April 01, 2004, 10:57:48 pm #1 Last Edit: April 01, 2004, 11:05:23 pm by admin
Boy, I could go on for hours about this stuff. I guess first off a quick description of  distribution would include the major record labels that have their own distribution arms and indie distributors that distribute records for everyone else. The distributor is responsible for getting the records onto the store shelves so that when the label promotes the record or pay the radio people to play it, interested buyers can find it. At least thats the way it used to work. Things have changed radically in the last couple of years, just in the news today record companys announced more layoffs and downsizing. The biggest problem with the major labels is corporate mentality that has taken over in the music business in the last 15 years. Rather then as they used to, developing new artists by investing in their careers and giving them a chance to build a following they are more interested in the bottom line only and rely on a hand full of superstars to fill their coffers . Just like most corporations they don\'t rely on innovation as much as looking around and seeing what\'s selling and then copy it. The next big thing or an original artist that makes in to the top of the major label market usually does an end run around them and manages to get in the top ten despite being turned down by everyone, the Beatles, Nirvana, the list goes on and on. So unless a record sounds like something that\'s already on the radio it hasn\'t got much of a chance with the majors.  
A lot of the records I make, like the Thanatopsis records, I\'m not even trying to sell through normal distribution channels because there is just is no interest by them in doing so, that is they can\'t figure out how to make money doing it. It cost too much to produce and distribute records to cover all the record stores when the audience for that record is to small to support that may sales. The result is you get all the CDs back from those store and have to cough up the money for pressing them.
The best way to get records like this heard is just the way you are doing it, by word of mouth. A lot of great artists started small and slowly but surly built op a following. In fact once upon a time record companies did this them selves. I started this website as a place where people could find interesting music and buy it directly or more directly than normal from the artist. This way only the number of records that are needed to fill the demand are produced and any moneys made go back into producing more music. At the moment the goal is to sell enough records to cover the cost of their production, so far mostly they don\'t, but I do have a sense of momentum and I hope we can sustain the production of interesting music that otherwise would never see the light of day.

And yes we do talk about doing some live Thanatopsis stuff, so it may happen.


Thanks so much Travis for answering my post. You answered questions that I have had for years. I was just curious because cd\'s like Axiology are so much better than some of the crap you can get at the local stores. So money is put into Careers, and building followings? It seems like what\'s more important these days is the whole stupid gimmick thing. I was Watching a award show a while ago, and 50 cent kept winning awards, and after he accepted one of his trophies they panned back to the host and he just shrugged his shoulders and said, \'I can\'t name one song that guy sings\'. Which is true. Everything you sayTravis is true, but it sure doesn\'t seem right. Thank god for people like you. The music seems more important to you than than the fortune. I think I\'m just beginning to ramble now, But I appreciate your response, and I think I can speak for all of us here when I say we appreciate you, and your hard work.

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Travis really looks after the Bots  ;)


Thanks for the post, Travis.  Do you think payola is dead, or that no one really cares anymore?  I am sure it still happens a lot, but I was wondering what you think, as you are in the industry.  Thanks.


No, I am decidedly not in the industry. At first not for lack of trying and then because I like it out here. Any way I\'m sure that all still goes on, but of little importance to me and the kind of music I\'m involved with.


By in the industry, I meant making music for a living.  Sorry if that came out wrong.  :)


Travis, thanks a lot for what you guys do. I really mean it. I try to get my CD\'s from you or direclty at Bucket\'s concerts even if i bought Electric Tears and Thanatopsis at Tower records....i hope we can continue to spread the word and get as many people here as possible. I myself was not buying CD\'s from you few months ago, so i think it can be done. Thanks again and please if you guys do a Thanatopsis Live thing come to NY...if you don\'t, then I\'ll come to the west coast (my wife is from Santa Cruz and every excuse is a good exuse to return over there). One day i\'ll make my way back to SF that is were i love to live.


i say thanatopsis for europien tour!, america gets all the sweetest bands playing....england gets.....will young...i just made my self depressed. :P ;D


April 11, 2004, 05:31:37 pm #9 Last Edit: April 11, 2004, 05:33:47 pm by admin
QuoteBy in the industry, I meant making music for a living.  Sorry if that came out wrong.  
I\'m attempting it anyway. :-/ and it didn\'t.

Thanks all for your support, hope we can do a show sometime.  


QuoteHow can a wonderful cd such as Axiology, or Electric Tears get out to more people.

by getting the word out to peopel you know about this site and making sure that those you pass it on to pass it on as well!  to mangle a paraphrase - the artist you support could be yourself.
hey travis :-* you are solid.

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you know, "peopel" - they\'re like people, only special  ;)

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