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Started by colmatose, March 13, 2004, 12:45:08 am

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I'm very excited about this new easy to use board. It's a great place for me to come to give praise to this amazing man, Travis. Thank him for all his hard work, and let him know how much all is hard work is appreciated. And also I can come here and comment on how talented he is. And tell him how much I enjoy his work. I still listen to Axiology nearly every day. Yes, I'm a fan.


also a big thank you from my site.
i really respect his work,he helped me really very much.between his work he has time for questions and other things,wow ;)
~don't dream your life,live your dream~ old but so true....-



You\'re an extremely resourceful and courteous man.  I appreciate all you do, both representing your work and other artists.  Now I have to get my hands on any music you\'ve contributed to!



Right on colmatose! And Travis, I also think your own playing is the epitome of tastefulness and sensitivity. Never too much or too little. You get much deserved props for many other facets (production, your business acumen, just being a great guy) but I don\'t see much about YOUR skills as a musician. As one myself (guitar mostly but also keys, drums, bass, programming, etc.) I applaud the appropriateness of what you bring to each project you do. (What I\'ve heard anyway...)
Big Ups.


Thanks "B". Being a keyboard player in a guitar world you sorta get used to not getting noticed. Being a musician and keyboardist is who I am, everything else is just the junk that came along for the ride. So thanks for noticing I appreciate it.