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Deli creeps

Started by CMA, March 20, 2004, 06:12:33 pm

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what happend to the deli creeps album?

and what does maximum bob do when he isnt with the deli creeps?


I think they are just trying to take stock of their objectives. A 95 percent done record is lying around but I think it just took too long to make and as a result doubts about the direction took over. We made Flesh for the Beast since then and that was a very positive experience for everyone. They know they have an open invitation to rework or restart the project here anytime they want, or if they go elsewhere to make the record, more power to them, it would just be cool to have a Deli Creeps CD.

What\'s Bob do when he\'s not Creeping? Whoa, I try not to think about it.



hopefully one day they\'ll open this ride to the public.  if they can\'t find the pieces to finish it, all\'s nedded is a warning sign.
Yeah, i like's good!


Any more news on releasing the soundtrack of "Flesh for the Beast" on CD?


They always say "yea, we want to do it" but so far they haven\'t. You might drop by the Media Blasters web site and drop them an email saying how cool it would be to have the sound track and maybe if enough people do it they will get the idea.




oh do we write the deli creeps....heh...


Hey Travis,

Dont suppose you could tell us if Shadows has been re-recorded with the creeps could ya??

That song is awesome


yea...totally  emotionally unbelievable, undecribebly intense, shockingly insanely beautifully ...awsome...


You know I don\'t think it will do any good to say what was recorded or not since some or maybe more than some may never see the light of day. I think at the moment it\'s one of those legendary lost albums and if all there is at the moment is mystique far be it from me to spoil that.