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Started by mlgudead, November 28, 2011, 10:47:15 pm

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Hey bots, I haven\'t been on for a while due to the fact that my home was destroyed by hurricane Irene. But as I recover I went on youtube to download a lot of the same buckethead videos that I originally had on my Ipod. Unfortunately a lot of videos or accounts have been removed.

So I propose that we make a youtube account, or free-share website that everyone can contribute buckethead videos to, so we never have to lose another video. Let me know what you guys think and I will attempt to head the ordeal. I would probably just make an account that I will private message the login info to any tdrs member that asks for it.


Edit.... every week I would back up the videos on to an external hard drive so if some unfortunate being decides to close or removes videos.



I hope you can pick up the pieces, bot. It\'s sad to hear stuff like this happening to people....


Ive got alot of really good videos, that ive acquired from utube over the years, so if u ever get this going i can deffinately contribute, I\'m always looking on utube fro new concert  videos and shit as well


The account is up and running... just make add to the playlists...

Username: LongLiveBigB
Password: bucklive

Please be respectful and don\'t ruin this for the community...