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Thanatopsis 10 year anniversary

Started by Travis, July 24, 2011, 11:53:07 pm

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Travis it\'s very cool of you to do this, I can\'t wait to hear things broken down and remixed.

I already have all three of these albums and let me just say this is some of my favorite music on earth. I urge all of you who like bucket and Travis to pick up these albums if you don\'t already have them as the playing and songwriting is out of this world. I\'m a big Moog fan and the fact that Travis uses the moog as Bass most of the time just makes me one happy person.

I am curious to ask Travis if you have a set of Moog Taurus
Basspedals lying around somewhere? because those things make the biggest bass explosions I\'ve ever heard in my life.  If you make another Thanatopsis album( and I really hope you do !) you should check them out.

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very awesome of you do to travis.
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The keyboard I used for bass on the Thanatopsis records was an SE Mini Moog. It makes fat fat. Most of the urps and sizzle on the track I posted, Moypia, was the SE as was my solo, on the original it was mixed down so far it was background.

I\'ll have some more about the broken out Tracks soon.


Hey travis thats so cool of you to do this for us !!!!!
Hopefully you two masters of music will make another thanatopsis in the near future !!! I made a topic about
which would fans like to see again thanatopsis, cobra strike, shin terai album, but Im sure you read that one.
Its just funny how right after I posted that topic you give us this great opportunity for the first album signed !!!!! This is so explosively AWESOME

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For those interested in messing with the Myopia construction kit. I\'m wondering what music programs everyone is using. How many use some form of Pro Tools? What else? I may make the files available as a Pro Tools session and maybe another format and as individual files with a tempo and bar and beat map so you can put it together in any program or not depending on what you want to do with the files.

Chris DiCicco

Travis, I am useing a bootleg of Adobe Audition, convert to something new.... but Why?

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I usually use Audacity, always have done when it comes to editing, so basic MP3 files would work.


I\'ve never done any true remixes like this, but I figured I\'d just use GarageBand that came with Mac OSX.  I could also use sound studio with wav files.


July 28, 2011, 07:37:49 pm #24 Last Edit: July 28, 2011, 07:41:55 pm by admin
Yes, I was thinking garageband might be good. I will do one in Protools since that\'s what I work with but I wondered what PC folks were using. Audacity is a good idea. I was thinking of offering these as a 16 bit session. The track is made up of lots of loops, that\'s why I thought this would be a good one since the over all zipped file will be small, we can work in 16 bit. I\'ll include a download  zip of just the raw files but I thought it might be cool if your starting to have the tracks as they are now before you mess them up. But it could be fun just to throw them into any program and start moving things around. I hope to set a page up where we all exchange files. If you do a drum track or a guitar solo we want to hear your mix but I would like to have your track broken out so others can use it as well. I would also be interested in playing new parts against any new tracks. I\'m kind of interested in a collective and individual result. Your ideas are welcome.

In Search Of The

Holy crap, Travis and us collaborating? I like the idea of sharing ideas and posting them, a la SoundCloud style, but I don\'t know how hard that would be to implement.


I think this all sounds great and very exciting...wish I could be more invloved! Cant wait to see whats comes out of all this.


This is insane.  

You can buy a super awesome CD for $5, and then collaborate with the guy that\'s largely responsible for making it.  

This first CD just has such an intense, unrelenting feel overall, it really rocks from start to finish.  Uh, except for the end, that\'s just part of a poem read in a pseudo-Stephen Hawking voice.  Whoops..spoiler alert!  

I wish I knew something about creating music now.

robotpie3000 are awesome! and so is buckethead!


Fun, fun, funtastic!
Thanks for the neat ride opportunity, Travis!