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Ye Old Christmas list

Started by Mr_kro, November 13, 2005, 04:53:51 am

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yeah i still make one. about every year to be exact. anyways here is the cds head lineing the list. tell me if i made a good selection.

Enter the chicken
somewhere over the slaughter house
population override
cobra strike two

and death cube k -tunnel

im still deciding on what else i should add. im moslty getting these from amazon or buy.com or this website.


If it was my list Axiology would top it with PO right behind. Electric Tears is worth a listen if you like the quieter side.


I agree completely with dirtface on Axiology & Population Override. Definitely 2 of my favourites.  Also on the quieter side is the Viggo/Buckethead combination on Please Tomorrow, or if you want to try someone other than Buckethead, In-VINCE-ible is good! Travis has a great list, you can do a lot worse than shop here for Christmas. ;D
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anything by Thanatopsis and Population Override would be heading my list, but Travis has such a broad resource of styles that it would make good sense to have a list of people you want to give to and then check them ALL out, you may be surprised by the variety... Eliza, Vince, Lindy... loads of stuff!

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thanks guys it really helps to hear from different view points. on different music. any more suggestions please add.