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One less thing to worry about

Started by Pax, September 07, 2004, 01:30:04 pm

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Please Travis,

I have just heard "Envidia" from the album "One less thing to worry about" by Viggo Mortensen. Who ever the guitar player is, I lost my musical heart to her/him.

How can you/we persuade Mr Mortensen to release another edition of this album? This request has probably been made before, but NOW it is serious... ;) I simply must have it. As I am a selfish person I will settle with a copy made just for me... :D

BRIBE him, if you have to and send the bill to me. Give him anything as long as it cost less than $10... :)

Hope you\'ll succeed in your quest, if not I will give all the help you\'ll need...just call and I will be the most loyal supporter you\'ll ever had!

Thank\'s in advance and I am sending you sunny greetings from Sweden.



Sorry about the Swenglish.

Of course I didn\'t mean ...realese another edition - it should be ...realese one more edition. :-[


We are working on releasing somethings from OLTTWA but it\'s still not settled, won\'t be long now.


there you go tickling the tease bone of the masses again!


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Thanx so very much for your answer Travis. Looks like I don\'t have to bribe the man after all... ;D

I look forward to the release keep me posted, or I will do so myself anyway.

Have a nice day!


I\'ll be looking forward to that release also.  I can\'t  afford some of the outrageous prices I\'ve seen it go for on ebay..  :-/


Seems like we are more than a few, looking forward to a new release of OLTTWA. I know that I certainly do  ;D
Words can hurt more than a fist. They don't leave marks on the skin, but scars in the heart. - Fors of nature


Oh yes, YES...One Less Thing To Worry About!
 bring it ON. Yes  (must go calm down now)

You know, you gotta strike while the iron is hot...


I absolutely love envidia, so haunting and beautifully done by Viggo. I think you would find there is more than a passing interest if OLTTWA was re-released. ;) Viggo please have mercy on us. Don't make us have to go to ebay.  :(


[glb]Oh how I wished I owned a copy of OLTTWO[/glb] ;)


Got to say I\'d love to get my mitts on a copy too... :P

But the man will do as he wishes, not necessarily as we would have him do (*heaves big gusty sigh*)  ::)
Never underestimate the power of human stupidity. ~  R.A. Heinlein


[glb]But the man will do as he wishes, not necessarily as we would have him do (*heaves big gusty sigh*)  ::)[/glb]

That\'s the difference in an \'entertainer\' & an \'artist\'--just what hubby & I were discussing this weekend after our visit to Dragon*Con in Atlanta.   ;D

Some folks like to promote themselves, make some $$$, & some look at things from a view of the art (photography, short films, the novel etc.) is the important thing, $$$ is secondary, or, icing on the cake--either way, it\'s personal choice & neither one is in the wrong, IMHO.  ;)  It all boils down to the person & where their taking their talent(s).   :)

Just my $1.01--for what it\'s worth  ;D
Bella )O(


Sometimes what\'s old is new again (at least to me)

and buying on eBay is like buying a book from B&N in my opinion, instead of from the publisher (from the author is even better if you can)


I agree, it is a MUST HAVE. I would so much prefer that the purchase proceeds go to the MASTER BEAT POET of our generation, rather than some greedy ebayer.  8) After all it\'s Viggo\'s work, why shouldn\'t he be the one to benefit? :o

Just in case, should the MASTER read these posts, please, please, please PUBLISH MORE!!! :-*



if you dig beat and street poetry - check out SA Griffin and the many people in his links.  he\'s fabulous and they are a wonderful bunch of free minds and strong hearts.

and check out your independent bookstores - they carry cool stuff and usually have a good handle on who\'s around.

image = <i>"Blue Velvet"</i> (front of 2-sided piece) (c) georgia k griffin - all rights reserved