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Buckethead collection sale

Started by BloodBucket00, June 23, 2011, 10:29:05 pm

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June 23, 2011, 10:29:05 pm Last Edit: July 18, 2011, 10:18:15 pm by BloodBucket00
Hi everyone,
I am selling on my rare Buckethead and/or related releases to raise much needed cash- most can be found listed here om=&_ipg=&_trksid=p3686. Note, some have already sold and there are items from other artists there also. Just wanted to draw anyone\'s attention to it here that may not frequent Ebay and/or have noticed the listings yet if do.
I realise the prices are not at bargain level but I am needing to raise much needed funds to contribute towards unexpected recent expenses been hit with. At least in the cases of uber rare items, I feel they are pretty fair though (e.g. live in poland and Cornbugs stuff is considerably rarer than NTT/pops up far less for resale so should command a higher price than the $300-350 that goes for generally). I am also prepared to deal privately/outside Ebay so feel free to PM offers- who knows, you may get a better deal and I would avoid Ebay fees. For assurance that I am a legit, honest and reliable seller see my ebay feedback- member bloodsugar00- and/or feedback acrued over at TK- n=display&thread=21851  -if this link isn\'t working and/or only directing you to good, bad and Ugly sub-forum at TK, look in that sub-forum for thread entitled \'BloodBucket Rocks!\'.
Also, my regular BH collection/discography is extensive to pretty much everything else he\'s done solo and/or collaboratively and it has come to my attention that other Buckethead works may be currently OOP and/or unavailable/out of stock atm, at least from TDRS, and therefore in relative demand (Funnel Weaver, Pepper\'s Ghost, Albino Slug, Shadows, Population Override, Bucketheadland 2 maybe from what I can see)....irregardless, havin all my music backed up on HD, not being into music and/or Buckethead as I was currently, and being in need of money as I am, I\'m prepared to sell any of my Buckethead collection onto fans who\'re gona appreciate em.
Got every physical release pretty much that he has done, solo and/or collaborative save for rare-really rare stuff (that of which I do have of this category are already being offered here and/or on Ebay).
So intersted in any of that shoot me a PM also.

N.B.// Shadows Between the Sky sold.

[Moved here for increased exposure]//


CSS, FF, NiaSS and Dreamatorium all sold (privately).

N.B.//Will relist unsold ebay listings soon. Feel free to pm private offers however ie will deal on em outside ebay. 8)


July 17, 2011, 03:19:10 pm #2 Last Edit: July 29, 2011, 03:50:15 am by BloodBucket00
Buckethead - Solo Releases

Bucketheadland (1992, Japanese release only)
Giant Robot (2000 Reissue- one New and sealed, one used in very good+ condition)
The Day of the Robot (1996- New and sealed)
Colma (1998)
Monsters and Robots (1999- Japanese bonus track issue with OBI)
Somewhere Over the Slaughterhouse (2001, currently OOP- Used but in Very Good+ condition)
Funnel Weaver (2002)
Bermuda Triangle (2002)
Electric Tears (2002)
Bucketheadland 2 (2003)
Island of Lost Minds (2006 Reisue ie non-tour edition)
Population Override (2004)
The Cuckoo Clocks of Hell (2004)
Enter the Chicken (as Buckethead & Friends- copy of both 05 original and 08 reissue with differing artwork and bonus track)
Inbred Mountain (2005)
Kaleidoscalp (2005)
The Elephant Man\'s Alarm Clock (2006)
Crime Slunk Scene (2006)
Peppers Ghost (2007)
Acoustic Shards (Originally Recorded in 1991, Released in 2007)
Decoding the Tombs of Bansheebot (2007)
Cyborg Slunks (2007- non-limited edition)
From The Coop (2008, Recorded in 1988)
Albino Slug (2008)
Slaughter House On The Prairie (2009)
A Real Diamond In The Rough (2009)
Forensic Follies (2009)
Needle in a Slunk Stack (2009)
Shadows Between the Sky (2010)
Spinal Clock (LE #26)

As Death Cube K:

1994: Dreamatorium (non multimedia version)
1997: Disembodied
1999: Tunnel
2007: DCK (non-limited version)
2007: Monolith
2009: Torn from Black Space

With Brain

1997: I Need 5 Minutes Alone (As Pieces)
2007: Kevin\'s Noodle House
2008: The Dragons of Eden (With Travis Dickerson)
2010: Best Regards (With Melissa Reese) [LE #12; LE #240]
2010: Kind Regards (With Melissa Reese)
2010: Brain as Hamenoodle

With Travis Dickerson

2006: Chicken Noodles
2007: Chicken Noodles II
2009: Iconography

With Jonas Hellborg & Michael Shrieve

1993: Octave of the Holy Innocents (1993 original issue/master)

With Alix Lambert and Travis Dickerson

2008: Running After Deer

With Viggo Mortensen

1997: One Less Thing to Worry About [Used but in mint condition]
1998: Recent Forgeries [Accesory to/included with artbook of same name]
1999: The Other Parade [New and sealed and used, like new]
1999: One Man\'s Meat [New and sealed and used, like new]
2003: Pandemoniumfromamerica
2004: Please Tomorrow
2004: This, That, and The Other (Compilation)
2005: Intelligence Failure
2008: At All

N.b.// Also have a mint copy of 1994 debut release by Viggo, Don\'t Tell Me What to Do, that doesn\'t feature Buckethead.


1997: Arc of the Testimony

Cobra Strike

1999: 13th Scroll
2000: Cobra Strike II: Y, Y+B, X+Y <hold> &#8592;

Colonel Claypool\'s Bucket of Bernie Brains

2004: The Big Eyeball in the Sky


1999: Spot the Psycho
2001: Cemetery Pinch
2001: How Now Brown Cow
2004: Brain Circus (original- sealed- and reissue; only artworks different afaik)
2004: Donkey Town
2005: Rest Home for Robots
2005: Skeleton Farm
2006: Celebrity Psychos

N.B.// Also got both DVDs by band, Quackers and Headcheese.

Deli Creeps

1991: Deli Creeps Demo Tape 1991
2005: Dawn of the Deli Creeps

El Stew

Vinyl EP
No Hesitation (1999)
The Rehearsal (2003)

Frankenstein Brothers

2008: Bolt on Neck


2005: Gorgone

Guns N\' Roses

2008: Chinese Democracy (CD format)


1992: Transmutation (Mutatis Mutandis)
1994: Sacrifist
1994: Metatron [Body bag edition]
1997: Live in Poland
1997: Transmutation Live
2008: Profanation (Preparation for a Coming Darkness)

Science Faxtion

2008: Living On Another Frequency

Shin Terai / Shine / Shin.E

2001: Unison


2001: Thanatopsis
2003: Axiology
2006: Anatomize


1993: Lord of the Harvest (original and reissue/remaster)

Bill Laswell

1993 - Axiom Collection II: Manifestation
1993 - Divination - Ambient Dub Volume 1
1994 - Axiom Ambient - Lost in the Translation

Phonopsychograph Disk/DJ Disk

1999 - Live @ Slim\'s / Turbulence Chest (original issue)
1999 - Unrealesed (Cassette Only)


1993 - Last Action Hero (score)
1997 - Mortal Kombat (score)
2004 - Flesh for the Beast (Score) [part of pick up media pack]

Think that\'s everything but quite possible I\'ve missed something so please ask if something not there you\'re looking for (note, not many rarities there as most sold recently and/or in past ie v unlikely rarity owned and not listed). If anything occurs to me will just add.

Edit: Realised do not have copies of Funkacromium and Points of Order. List edited. Do have a copy of Axiom Collection II: Manifestation so added.


Updated with items recently sold.



Monsters and Robots (Janese bonus track edition) sold


Island of Lost Minds and CCoH sold.


Pending response to some interest will start puttin on Ebay- get now for best prices before Ebay fees have to be factored in!




July 27, 2011, 09:41:49 pm #10 Last Edit: July 27, 2011, 10:18:20 pm by BloodBucket00
Flesh for the Beast and Science Faction now sold.

BR #240 now sold.


Disembodied, Torn From Black Space and Transmutation Live now sold.


Starting/ed to put stuff on Ebay. Everything still available/here outide Ebay though so just shott me a holla if interested in anything ;)