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Started by Slaw_Slinger, March 19, 2011, 02:57:55 pm

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Wait for a Lawrence, KS show to pop. Cooler town IMO. I will be driven from Norman OK for that.
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I Feel Find
I Fell, Fin.


» Phy³ . . .


So the infamous Phy will be attending, eh?  I\'ll say hi if I see ya there, man, which is pretty likely since Beaumont is not all that big.    

As far as what airport, KCI is all we have.  I would be happy to give directions as well, but I think Google maps would probably be better since I have no idea where you are staying.  

If you\'re into the good beer at all, McCoy\'s Public House is directly across the street, definitely the best brewpub in KC.  

Shoot me a PM if you like.