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New batch of Holiday LE\'s

Started by Travis, February 18, 2011, 09:44:08 pm

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We are aways away from introducing the regular edition of the holiday CD. For now we are offering more copies of the LE because so many have asked for it. We are limiting 2 copies per customer for this batch. Click on the link above to order.


That\'s good to know that people are still interested in these LE\'s.  Just a little curious but, why has the release for the regular edition been pushed back?  
ISOT #921
Cyborg Slunks #397
Blueprints #405
Metatron Body Bag ed.
Painting 5 #96
Best Regards #298
Spinal Clock #349
I Need 5 Minutes Alone
painting 213
Greeting Card CD


looks like this recent batch is sold out?


Dang, I was just about to order this and Left Hanging...


wow, sold out...twice. Demand must be high, so must be the pain on Buckethead\'s hand after so much drawing ;D
He works on the farm,
He makes fun of me,
But thats the lats thing youll see,
Cuz im gone use him for something that you wont understand

Spinal Clock #199
Holiday Album