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Buckethead\'s gear...

Started by ilikeheadcheese, February 12, 2011, 04:15:52 pm

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I figured why not give this a shot after reading this comment.

QuoteTravis, try to get some snapshots of Buckethead\'s gear next time it\'s lying around  ;D

and then Travis saying, "Sorry, this is my thread."

So Travis, would you mind terribly to get some pics of Buckethead\'s latest gear? ;D  I\'m really interested in what he\'s using now, the tone on the Happy Holidays LE sounds different and amazing.
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Right you are ilikeheadcheese,  this record is some of Bucket\'s best work, in my opinion!  His variation of guitar tones never ceases to amaze me.  I wonder if he used the tele on Track 5 or 9.  I\'m also curious if he uses different amps in the studio for desired tones.  I hope he records old school..not through a bunch of plug-ins!