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Dawn Of The Deli Creeps?? Travis??

Started by Dallion, November 30, 2004, 09:09:39 am

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I just checked out the bucket board and in the top right hand corner is a graphic that reads "DAWN OF THE DELI CREEPS"

Is that merely a cheap tease by Greg Mandile or are the Creeps up to something, Travis?

That would kick if the album was available in time for Christmas. I\'m sure Grandma would enjoy it  :-*


Oh there\'re up to something I\'m sure, but I don\'t know what exactly. The Creeps are like Mt. St. Helens, might be a little rumble, might be about to blow it\'s top. So I would call it a tease, go about your business, so far it\'s just a little smoke.......might be a little bulge......


Secrets break friends travis  ;) ::)

anyways, the deli Creeps is the only bucket project my mom can\'t stand.  she just doesn\'t like maximum bob.  

but then agaiin, i dont\' know any other people that are almost officiallly senior citizens that like maximum bob.  i think that\'s the point.


hey - define
Quotealmost officiallly senior citizens
- i\'ve got kids older than you (one almost a decade older, in fact) and i\'m ok with Maximum Bob.  granted, he\'s not my fav in the world, but hey...

image = <i>"Blue Velvet"</i> (front of 2-sided piece) (c) georgia k griffin - all rights reserved


i once had a bad nightmare about maximum bob, kidnappin gmy girlfriend, when i told her she said it was ok, she isnt going anywhere. when i showed her a deli creeps gig on video she said whops that man? i said thats maximum bob..and she got freaked...

i like maximum bobs voice its great, and the noises are just the best like on feast of freaks.

i cant wait untill deli creeps album!


well, considering you\'re on this board, i\'m guessing you\'re not like my mom.  she digs the deli creeps music but just doesn\'t like Bob.  oh well, i\'m sure he\'s one of those people that really surprise you in real life.

Also, Bob\'s voice is great.  listen to Bend Up, you\'ll see.


Bob has an extremely good voice.

You guys need to hear the creeps demos. His vocal skill really shines on "Shadows" and my personal fave "Chores"



she just doesn\'t like I\'m gonna get some and Can I have a ride, actually, cuz he doesn\'t sing then, he just talks about killing toddlers and sex.


QuoteCan I have a ride, actually, cuz he doesn\'t sing then,


I know, your probably wondering what\'s goin\' on
What does this guy want from us
Well, I just don\'t know!
I think it\'s best if you just keep your mouth shut
While I size things up
I might get angry...
It\'s so hard to believe
What some people can do
They enter your life, and they exit just as quickly
But there\'s alway something...
Perhaps it\'s just a loved one
That you cannot somehow seem to find
I\'ll poke you with my poking stick
I\'ll poke you with my poking stick
Right through the skull or the side of the neck or the belly-button (undone),
son you got to know!


Ok, i know he sings, but the part where he yells and just talks  about killing toddlers, you know, pretty much the beginning thing?  that made my mom said no.


killing toddlers is the new coolest thing  :P



i understand, but maybe you need to sit down with your mother and have a calm clear discussion about just how old you are and your level of judgement being such that you don\'t run out and do every thing you hear on a CD.  if she doesn\'t want to hear it, honor that.  if she doesn\'t want you to buy it at all, talk to her about why.

i\'m not into the toddler killing thing myself, but i do think there is something to be gained by talking to your mom about this stuff, what parts you like about it the music and why, etc. - and the hear her out about what she is objecting to, to find out whether there\'s anything besides the lyrics, and just what about them (other than personal taste) she\'s against.

just a thought, from a mom.

image = <i>"Blue Velvet"</i> (front of 2-sided piece) (c) georgia k griffin - all rights reserved


thanks for the advice gkg, but my mom\'s fine with me buying it, she just doesn\'t like it.

Hell, my mom paid for the tickets for the past four R rated movies my friends and i went to, one of them being saw.  she say them as well.  so you know, she knows i have good judgement.


ahhh, The Deli creeeps are doing what they do best with out even playing a note! :D