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Calling All Bucketbots

Started by In Search Of The, January 20, 2011, 07:50:59 pm

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In Search Of The

So this is an odd topic, but bear with me, because it\'s got a lot of soul behind it.

My mum turns 40 on the 19th of February. She\'s having a party for it and has entertainment booked, it\'s quite a big deal. There\'s food on, a bar, some singers and a stage for them to perform on. It should be a good time for everyone involved.

However, I wanted to take it a bit further, and how better than to pay tribute to one of the greatest musicians of my time - Buckethead. A few days back I ordered a new acoustic guitar (black, classical, 3/4 size to make it easier to play) and I intend to learn a beautiful song to play. I want something with emotion but I don\'t want anything sad.

Here\'s the tricky bit - as far as guitars go, I\'m not brilliant. I\'ve listened to Colma and Acoustic Shards inside and out. I know each song back to front. I want to learn just one song and play it for her on that night, donning my white mask and customised bobble hat in tribute to both Buckethead and my mother.

I need your help in picking a song that\'s not only easy for me to learn but has a lot of heart. I have at least 4 weeks, and while my new guitar isn\'t here yet, I do have others to practice on, so there we are, from one Buckethead fanatic to others, I call on you my fellow slunk wrangling, glow in the dark cattle prodding brothers. Help me make this special for my mum in a way I\'d never think possible!

My only criteria are that it be primarily acoustic and quite simple to play.

Thanks for reading.


For mom? Just find a backing track?


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^^^This.  AND the wedges aren\'t to hard to play either ;)
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In Search Of The

For Mom would be perfect, but I\'m not sure how hard it would be from listening to it. I don\'t need or want a backing track really. Thanks for the super quick responses too, didn\'t expect that.


Sounds like you\'re "wondering" what to play  ;)

In Search Of The


I see what you did there, binge buddy.


"For mom" is a great song and is not very difficult to play either. It also would be very suitable for the event :)!

"Wondering" is also a great suggestion.

Also relevant, is the song \'I love my parents\' but you might argue that it is "sleepy/slightly sad sounding". However, I\'d argue that its one with immense emotion....that being said, not everyone might like it since it is one of his most mellow pieces and sort of lacks that uplifting spirit that everyone would enjoy at a party.

I also like "Shadows between the sky" but you might probably find that the fast paced classical-acoustic guitar solo a little difficult to master :D....or you could mix a little bit of different songs together to make a nice arrangement. No matter of what you pick though, I\'m sure that your mom would be happy and proud :)

I could go on and on....but you got a few good suggestions on here to work with ;)

Good luck! :D

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1 1/2 years playing the guitar. wish i could help ya. not sure , but i think the bc forum has tabs. with that being said, can we all crash the party. good luck and have fun.


While For Mom is probably the best bet (aptly named to), you could also play Pure Imagination. It\'s easy to play and a beautiful song in my opinion.
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Alex R

I\'d say For Mom would be the simplest choice, but how about something off Electric Tears?
I have a Spell of the Gypsies .gp5 file somewhere, it has electric parts in it but I think they should sound good acoustic as well.
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Alex R

Here is a good .gp5 for For Mom

The solo is not right, the author just made it up. But As long as it\'s in the right key, improvisation should sound good because it isn\'t a fast song.
Good luck!
Dental records don't lie,
Buried deep stays buried still...

I wish Buckethead would come to the UK.
My Blog: The Ramblings of Alex


I think "All in the Waiting" is a good song to play. To me it feels nostalgic, but in a happy way.

Other songs I should recommend: "Who Me" (very simple acoustic wedge), "Little Gracie" (again, another simple acoustic wedge), "Hills of Eternity", "Ghost" (showcase some improvization skills using the Ab/G# natural minor scale), "Whitewash" (there could be a conflict between either wanting to play the lead or the rhythm, as both sounds amazing and filled with emotion), and of course, "For Mom".