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TF:TM (the score)- any upcoming re-releases?

Started by butlerd, December 09, 2010, 02:03:02 am

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It\'s been awhile (I think) since anybody\'s asked but are there any news items about a possible future CD (or MP3 download) re-release of Vince\'s amazing score for "Transformers The Movie"(1986), particularly since we were recently able to get- for the first time ever- his similarly amazing original score for Rocky IV.  The 2007 re-release of the entire "Transformers The Movie" soundtrack to the movie was great and I loved the added score tracks but I have been hopeful that we might eventually get a full (re-)release of the score.  The original Bot-Con-related score CDs are INCREDIBLY hard to come by and even when they\'re available on eBay, they\'re in such high demand that prices typically end up exceeding what I can afford to pay for it and have decided to more or less just wait for a proper re-release if and when it is ever offered.  So, how about it?
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