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Buckethead Christmas song

Started by In Search Of The, December 03, 2010, 01:11:53 pm

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In Search Of The

Just a thought, but I think it\'d be great to hear a Christmas song by Buckethead, like an assortment of traditional carols condensed into a few minutes. Think of what he did for Michael Jackson last year (similar sort of length). Hearing him snap from Jingle Bells to Deck The Halls would be great and I think it would sound so good on an acoustic guitar. What does everyone else think?


have you seen this?  It\'s not a medley of Christmas tunes but it\'s still pretty neat-o

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Cyborg Slunks #397
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Metatron Body Bag ed.
Painting 5 #96
Best Regards #298
Spinal Clock #349
I Need 5 Minutes Alone
painting 213
Greeting Card CD


I\'ve thought about that before.  I generally do not like Christmas carols, but I have a CD of them played on the banjo and I do like it.  Buckethead playing Cristmas carols would be freaking hilariously awesome.