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Bucketheads ODB Tribute

Started by CMA, November 18, 2004, 04:49:44 pm

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This is a Really amazing Mix!

Well done Buckethead and Del Ray Brewer.  you defiantly put a smiel on my face. What a Tribute.

Chris DiCicco

The Exosphere  2013


OMG There is now a Video up of buckethead-Herbie- and albert? Rapping.. i\'ve never seen buckethead act like this before. he seems alot of fun! Hey Bucket, can i come hang with you?



did ODB rise from the grave or what!!! o yeh as long as his music lives he will never die thats right
the map is not the territory


My 19 year old daughter said it was the funniest thing she hsa ever seen!!



This track really is an amazing mix! It was glued in my truck\'s cd player for a week straight!!

Who is Del Rey Brewer? When I first bought "Island of Lost Minds", I thought it might have been a joke and that Brain was playing drums, but now I think I hear the difference. Regardless, Brewer lays down a tight drum track...


Haven\'t heard the ODB track but Island sounds like drum samples or programed drums.


There is alot of drum sampling on IOLM, but there\'s a fair share of live drumming too. Right? Am I possibly being fooled by a drum machine? ;D


I don\'t know, but just to clarify, sampled loops can be made from real drums. As well, you can sample individual drums, and then trigger them via a sampler, and it sounds pretty real, if the samples are made well that is, hehe. So all programmed drums are not the synthesized crappy sounding drums you might be thinking of.
I daydream about stabbing people in the eye with my pen, peeling off their flesh, and stapling it to the wall. Is that bad? I think I could have a nice collection.


Gotcha... I totally know what your talking about, with the live drum tracks looped, makes sense...But I\'m still really curious who this Del Rey person is!! ;D


del rey i think is a programmer/producer/studio owner, since he has been on the buckethead scene there has been a fantastic quality in drum loops and programming..and all out heaviness of the songs.


Thanks Chris, sounds like a good guess to me! I really dig this "Del Rey" sound. TIGHT!