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Started by Boxenstien, September 07, 2010, 10:34:05 pm

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Travis did more than 300 Spinal Clocks sell already? If not I think you should lower it back to 300 instead of 500.

If I\'m correct, DCK was limited to 500, and I think Spinal wedge should be more limited than any of the past LEs, especially because its autographed instead of drawn, I think. ;D

meh just thinking out loud don\'t flame me if you don\'t agree  :-/ :-X

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*facepalm* I see this has risen from the grave.

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I would think a drawing would be rarer than a signature. I dunno if you think about it a signature would prob be rarer because he does not sign a bunch of stuff with his signature.
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I really don\'t think it\'s anyone\'s place to say how many numbers of an LE there should be but Bucket\'s.

DCK was 400 btw.


then I was probably thinking of another LE that was 500 if there was one

I think the signature would be rarer because hes already drawn hundreds of cds but never signed a bunch of them.

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Prepare to have your mind blown.

What if the drawing IS his signature?


Think about the Cyborgs LEs and such, those are what I consider drawings, what I consider to be an autograph is him writing Buckethead, not just the bucket like Blueprints or best regards  ;)

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300 sold around the time I extended it. I expect we will be done in the next few days. 300 was too a low a number to be fair to all the people who have been good to us for so long.
We didn\'t expect there to be so much demand for a signed regular copy of a CD, but if we had kept it at 300 they would have been gone in a few days. This way it was extended long enough to say it was offered for a while and if you wanted one you had a fair chance.  I\'m sorry there are those that feel cheated somehow, though I don\'t really see how. If your one of those, let me know and I\'ll refund your money and you can purchase the non-signed version.


And, Boxenstein, there will only be one single disc with your number. Consider yours being limited to one copy, instead of 300 or 500.


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Just wanted to thank you Travis  for offering the additional limited editions.
I don\'t check here every day and I truly appreciate the fact that you and Buckethead  accommodate us.
Personally I buy just because I love the boy, and not because I care about the collectibillity aspect of these items.
ALL my Buckethead stuff is priceless.
Thank you always for all your hard work, as it is truly appreciated! (by most of us bots)



QuoteI m a dinosaur...Grrrr.
I\'ve gotta say I agree with Bob on this thread.

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Makes me curious which batch I\'ll get, that\'ll add to the fun too - did I make the 300 bracket, or would I be in the lucky 200? I\'d have to chuckle if I got 301, I don\'t care if I nearly missed out, that\'s a great number to have.

Just under a week to go! The way shipping goes though, I\'ll expect mine at the end of September. Curse you, post office.


September 09, 2010, 04:22:05 pm #13 Last Edit: September 09, 2010, 04:24:12 pm by StrungOutOnStrings
I personally could care less how many copies each LE release is comprised of.

I am in it for the music, the unique personalized artwork/signature, and ultimately to support Buckethead as an artist so that he can support himself and continue produce exciting music.

I could also care less about the aftermarket out-of-print value of any of the LEs I own, so the more fans that receive a personalized copy of the LE, the better as far as I see it.
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Yes unless you are overly concerned with how much you can sell your cd for down the road or possibly saying that you have only one of XX number I don\'t see the point in being concerned how many there are.

The main point is we are getting a special product because Travis and Buckethead know how special these things are to us... and not because they hope we stash them only to dig them out later to be sold at a hefty profit.

As someone who is quite busy with things and depending on the season often goes weeks without checking the internet, (even though I ordered mine early) Knowing others have a better chance of getting theirs I greatly appreciate the extension on this limited edition!
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