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Vince\'s keyboards

Started by James Cerniglia, October 28, 2004, 05:01:42 pm

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James Cerniglia

I just recently purchased the "Thread" cd. What keyboards did Vince use in this recording & what keyboards does he currently use now?


Vince has a great variety of keyboards to choose from. Let me see if I can persuade him to drop by and answer some of your questions.

Vince DiCola

Hi James,

Sorry it\'s taken me some time to send a reply.  I appreciate your patience.  Thanks for your inquiry about my gear.  For the THREAD CD I used the following keyboards:

Kurzweil K-2000
Akai S-1000 sampler
Yamaha DX-7
Prophet VS
Roland D-50 and D-550
Korg M1R
Rhodes VK-1000 (for all B3 sounds)

I\'ve since added:

Alesis QS8, QS7, 2 QS racks and an Andromeda analog synth
Yamaha TX-816 (8 DX-7\'s in a rack)

Thanks again for writing.



I would like to welcome Vince to this forum and thank him for dropping by and participating. Vince has told me from time to time he will drop by and check for questions he may be able to help with. I get quite a few emails asking questions related to Vince. I encourage you to ask your questions here so many can benefit from the information.
Thanks again Vince.


wow a yet another famous person addition for this star studded forum!!  :P

Welcome Vince!  ;D


Hello Vince
Is there an official recording of "Broken Glass",
the version performed by you and Steve Walsh?
If so, please let me know..Thanx

Vince DiCola

Hi Gary,

Regarding the track to "Broken Glass" I did with Steve Walsh many years ago...

Since that song originated as a composition Steve was involved with before I worked with him, I never felt comfortable asking permission to release it as something attached to a solo project of mine.  The original plan was for Steve and I and Doane Perry to form a band, and 3 tracks...  "Suffer the Children", Only Time Will Tell" and "Broken Glass"...   were to be included in that project.  However, right around the time we were planning to launch this project, Steve was invited to rejoin KANSAS and that decision was pretty much a no-brainer for him, considering that band\'s earlier success.  Since I had never invested as much compositionally in "Broken Glass" as I had in the other 2 songs, I never thought it would\'ve been appropriate to ask Steve to let me use that track on a release of mine.   That may still happen someday; I\'ve learned never to say "Never"!   I am proud of the work I did with Steve and it would be nice to see these tracks get the attention they deserve at some point.  I often wondered why none of that material was ever considered for KANSAS, but my guess is they have more than enough material on their own to choose from.  Still, I feel these 3 tracks are every bit as good as most of the material KANSAS has released over the last several years.  Hopefully there will be an opportunity to get this material some qualty attention at some point.

I appreciate your interest.



wouldn\'t it be wonderful if maybe Walsh could/would make the time to explore more than one branch of his musical tree at a time?  risky, to try to straddle more than one limb at a time, but the risk is where the reward is.


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