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SHADOWS BETWEEN THE SKY! Newest Bucketheadland CD

Started by noodles, February 05, 2010, 11:28:22 pm

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QuoteThe few who\'ve gotten theirs already, what day did you order? Saturday? Friday? - It\'s now, what, Tuesday? How\'s that even possible? You guys live down the street from the studio? I\'m gonna go check the mail, but I think it\'s highly optimistic at this point... but then I DO know that Travis gets \'em out FAST... I\'m hoping for Thursday, realistically, but praying no later than Friday so I can get my fix for the weekend.

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I ordered mine on Friday the 5th and received it in the mail on Monday the 8th. Pretty frickin\' amazing. Just regular mail rate. I hope you get  yours soon.



interesting... walk on the moon

... moon walk

This absolutely has an MJ type urban pop/gospel-ish feel to it, although a little downtempo. I can easily imagine MJ\'s voice soaring over it, maybe modulating a step up and knocking everyone out.

Chris DiCicco

February 10, 2010, 09:58:42 pm #47 Last Edit: February 11, 2010, 09:32:42 am by Chris
I got mine along with next to the last issue of Bass Player and the power bill, begining to wonder if the mailman was eaten by a swamp gator er something... I guess not.
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Shadows is of my favorites now :) and the shipping is once again --flawless--

I\'m also really diggin Iconography..both cd\'s are incredible :D  I will be jamming them for the next few weeks.

Thanks Travis and Buckethead!
Fron son of lon.


Can\'t stop listening to this!!!!  I don\'t know how Buckethead does it.....



If you like Colma and Electric Tears, you are gonna love this CD  ;D

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I was hoping for some sort of enter the chicken type deal but this is good anyways.
Where can I buy a luck bean?


Agree with Bruce, this one is like Electric Tears taken to the next level. Just incredible. I listened to it for 8 hours straight on Tuesday night. Very mellow, very relaxing. I think "joyous" would be a good descriptor!

Also, Wife approved! And that\'s ALWAYS a good thing!!

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Can\'t wait for this and Iconography to arrive. Good week to have a birthday!  ;D


February 12, 2010, 12:54:45 am #54 Last Edit: February 12, 2010, 12:55:03 am by Slaw_Slinger
QuoteCan\'t wait for this and Iconography to arrive. Good week to have a birthday!  ;D

Another birthday this week?  Have a great one!!!  You will love this new Big B CD and Iconography!!!


talk about the cats pajamas!

this is a much appreciated late "B"-day present for this groundhog (yes my b-day is on groundhog\'s Day, and I wish that douche in the top hat would leave my buddy Phil alone!)

anyways, I\'m listening to shadows right now while studying for my chemistry exam and I must say, this was just the right sound that I needed at this time; unoffensive to the mind and as smooth as a baby\'s bottom.

This album is terrific. I\'m about to play it through for the second time. Many thanks Bucket.


iconography is the bees knees a well.


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My cd just turned up in England. Less than a week to get here! insane  ;D


I can´t wait for the cd to arrive at my home in Denmark. I´m excepting it to arrive very soon.  :)


Got mine today! WOO hoo!!! Just in time for the weekend.
(Truth be told, I\'ve been listening to it since Tuesday, what an amazing CD!)

What\'s the deal with the jewel cases? Mine are always trashed, the little pegs are all snapped off and the "legs" are almost always cracked, if not completely cracked off. NO biggie, I\'ve got a load of "empties" so I just swap out the broken pieces. I just always wonder if they take a shit-kicking in the mail or are they shrunk-wrapped like that, "pre-busted".

Don\'t get me wrong, I really don\'t give a shit, just curious is all.

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