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Buckethead Signature Gibson Looming 10-31-09!?

Started by stumpdangler, October 05, 2009, 05:28:21 pm

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I LOVE this guitar! The scale length was a little weird at first, but since I play bass also it wasn\'t that big of a stretch. It was actually very comfortable the more I played with it!! Considering the size it wasn\'t very heavy at  all.

The kill switches could be very addictive! Many possibilities...

The finish and binding was gorgeous, I like the inlay on the headstock. The frets  and the action on the strings were very good ++ right out of the box.

The pickups were highly responsive and cleaned up well on 2-4. This guitar is a shredder\'s dream. Very meaty tones and harmonics ring out. The coil tap switch for the neck pick up is a great touch. This axe is designed to scream or sigh. A real pleasure to pick up and bliss out.

I hope to be able to own one soon. I have some hefty out of pocket expenses  that I need to attend to. But this is not simply just another guitar. Or another Les Paul. This is a signature model that is more than another sunburst finish with a rocker\'s name on it. There may be imitations in the future but this is an original unlike any other Les Paul model,  just like Buckethead.

Thanks to Lance at EM Shorts (800-835-3006) for the best deal and service They have some more on the way.

Sick stumpdangler!!!!!  :D ;D

did you just play one or did you actually buy one?  :o


I just played one for a few minutes. Just enough to whet my appetite. I was very impressed, I knew I wanted one just because I am a fan, but now I think I would play the crud out of it! I forgot to mention the 24 frets, too. Great for the two handed tapping, which I didn\'t even think of doing. The neck felt so good, thicker...remember the Jeff Beck strats from the 90s? Similar to that except smoother and the frets were nicer. I played one that was just out of the box and they hadn\'t set it up yet. The Kill switches are waaaaaay too much fun. ;D

I will hopefully bring one home in the near future.


February 27, 2010, 03:58:10 am #47 Last Edit: February 27, 2010, 03:58:54 am by noodles
check it! Gizzorge got his today!  ;D 8)

Rock on man!  :D


Nice! Congrats! I didn\'t even think of playing any Buckethead music when I tried one out. How weird is that? For some reason, maybe because of the unusual size and/or larger shape, it made me attempt or explore things that I wouldn\'t normally try on more standard sized instrument. Just a few minutes with it, though. Plus, it just felt great.

Chris DiCicco

oh mama, sweet vid! there buddy, lol, playing a Buckethead sigy Lester Paul... or work mmm tough one.
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