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Review of Shadows Between the Sky

Started by beau810, February 17, 2010, 05:19:52 pm

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Wow what a great CD.  If you like it now just wait till you throw on the headphones.  I felt like I was swimming through the tunes.

I would say that the style of this recording is much like Colma, A Real Diamond in the Rough, and Electric Tears.  Its more up beat than all of them but still a very mellow recording.  The drum and bass work stand out more on this recording and I feel that\'s where I get this upbeat feeling.  The tempos are about the same as the other recordings it just seems to be more dynamic.  Bigger booms when things kick in, changing up the beats and the bass lines create a varied atmosphere of chill.  

Thank you Buckethead for creating another recording that will affect my soul.
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the last track on the cd reminds me a lot of colma as do a few other, for those of you who wanted an electric tears 2 or a colma 2 i think this is as close as your gonna get, i love it.

10/10 chickens

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doowhat sounds like Bucket is smiling alot these days ;D


steadily carving into the crevice of my meaty brain...
I feel an innocence and a whisper of melancholy joy?, feeling discovery, exploration, and victory ... and so much more beyond words.
Shadows Between the Sky haunts me... has dug me out from a deep sleep... listen again...craving...a feeling of beauty & Joy.

Big HUGZ  :)

Joy follows a pure thought like a shadow that never leaves.


I freaking love this album. It\'s calm, yet it\'s not boring. It feels very happy and like plenty of people will probably say, it sounds quite a bit like A Real Diamond in the Rough, but I personally think it goes way beyond that. The guitar work is enjoyable, as always, and I think I\'ll definitely be listening to this one for a while. I love it. ;D ;D ;D
Let your inspirations flow into whatever you do.


excelent indeed, great album

but the booklet ?? or the abscence of it, to be more precise ... it make the record look cheap, to be honest

i know the music is the important thing, but hey ... is part of the package

for the music itself ..... maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnn is awesome !!!!!!


I would agree that a lack of booklets for his recordings are a let down.

But I do understand why.

Too much time involved with the creation of art and whatever words that would go along with it.  It also costs more to make those kinds of booklets... minor but a reality.  

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