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Whens SOTP and ARDITR coming back?

Started by Boxenstien, November 25, 2009, 09:49:33 pm

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They\'ve been sold out for a while. Any plans to bring them back soon Travis?

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Yes, they will be back. These are Bucketheadland CDs not TDRS so it\'s up to them when they want to put resources into producing more. I\'ll press the issue and see if we can speed things up a little.



That\'s great to hear Travis! ;D They\'ve both been on my radr of late but I\'m prepared to wait until you get them back in to order em from TDRS.


i\'m glad i got these when they came out ;D

you bots will definately enjoy them when you do get \'em, i\'m still tryna get NIASS and CHicken Noodles 1 and 2
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If anybody here hasn\'t gotten either of those CDs, you\'ll definitely want to get them when they come out. Incredible CD\'s.
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...dang. ..sometimes. buckethead needs to put his resources where the moneys at. for his sake and for his fans sake.. no what im sayin


I hope the same thing for Population Override. I feel bummed for missing out on purchasing it.   ???


I\'ve also been wanting those CDs, I actually had Slaughterhouse on the Praire, I\'d purchased it at the KC, MO show back in Sept but I got a bit too drunk & left it at the hotel.  My wife tried to get them for me for Christmas, she found a guy on Amazon that claimed he had them in stock, but later he emailed her that he\'s giving her money back because he could deliver on the goods.  I personally try to buy all of my BH CDs from TDRS & I\'m not into the MP3 purchases, I prefer the CDs & of course I would never buy a pirated CD, that\'s taking money from the man himself.  Travis, I understand in this economy Buckethead not wanting to take a chance investing the funds for another CD pressing, but if you can just let him know that we\'re patiently awaiting their reissue that would be helpful, "Thanks & Peace"  :).
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These CDs will all be back. We always find a way to work it out. I think we did a pre-sale once for Crime Slunk and re-pressed from that. Anyway, one way or the other it will get done.


Travis what about Bucketheadland 2 and Funnel Weaver? I was planning on eventually getting them soon. Will they be back soon as well?


QuoteI hope the same thing for Population Override. I feel bummed for missing out on purchasing it.   ???

Yes! bring back population override! i need it! haha


Another one wanting Population Override ;)
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