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Secret recipe

Started by omishoebuckle, November 28, 2004, 03:13:11 am

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Hey does anybody know when the secret recipe is comming out and will it be here at tdrs?


No one really knows for sure when the DVD will be out. From what little I know it\'s done and printed and awaiting distribution, so not too long. I\'ve mentioned this before in more detail so the short version is, I will make a attempt to carry it here.


I met buckethead about a month or so ago i think, and i could\'ve asked, "what\'s up with secret recipe?"  but i didn\'t.  cuz i freeze up.  hell, i didn\'t even ask him about the midiverb and stuff.  i felt silly.  but then i remembered he\'d probably just wave his hands around and get frustrated that he couldn\'t talk.  but either way, it would\'ve been neat to ask.