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Buckethead 2009-09-12 Kansas City, MO DVD

Started by Indra, November 11, 2009, 06:22:27 am

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Hey folks!  If you have the ability to grab torrents and want a copy of this show (a few technical difficulties here and there with the show itself, but otherwise an awesome gig), head on over here:

(free registration required)

I\'ll warn ya, it\'s a big\'un (almost 7 GB!), but it\'s worth it!  Very good quality audio and video!  Thanks to Joe, the taper, who hooked me up after the show!    

I should also mention, they have 10 other Bucket videos posted!  I haven\'t grabbed them all yet, but I\'m sure some people will.    8)    

Also, for you bandwidth-challenged folks, here\'s the audio only:



i have all of them from, some are real good others, the video and audio are not that great, but its better than nothing given that there are very few videos online. only problem the files are very large and can take days to download. if you have ever messed around with torrents you know.


very nice show, despite technical troubles in the beginning of the show, but very funny, with a little tribute to Michael Jackson at the end.


I\'m downloading this torrent right now, I will seed this BH DVD for a long time once it is completed here on my system. Have no problem with seed 24/7 as I do run SETI 24/7 for some years now. Only re-boot for the Vista updates.


I don\'t know much about bit torrents but this makes it  much more interesting. Thanks for the info!


could you upload/link a youtube clip of it, please?

Alex R

QuoteI don\'t know much about bit torrents but this makes it  much more interesting. Thanks for the info!

I generally hate torrents. I only use them for Buckethead gigs and maybe some audio from the gigs.
I downloaded Vuze just for a few vids. I recommend it... Not sure if it\'s on PC as well as Mac, though...
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I wish Buckethead would come to the UK.
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