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OMG OMG OMG OMG TOUR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Started by matt, December 18, 2007, 03:55:09 am

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:( If I had a private jet it would be going to your area so you could come to Vermont in October.... sorry to hear that, but like you said, you are lucky to be alive.


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still no sac town  :\'( o well may b later next year?

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Thought the day would never come... a real ARTIST is coming 2 Houston! Love the buckethead!!!!  ;D ;D


September 24, 2008, 07:48:54 am #65 Last Edit: September 24, 2008, 07:49:36 am by Indra
So I just got home from the show.  Face officially melted.  

How does he do it??  How, I ask you, ladies and gentlemen?  And night after night, no less.    

Just a few of the many highlights for me were the new songs (one from Albino Slug for sure, maybe two?), Oakridge Cake, Welcome to Bucketheadland and Spokes for the Wheel of Torment.  Foxy Lady was a very nice touch, too.   ;)  

And I picked up DOE and Albino Slug, listened to AS in the car on the way home, it\'s amazing, of course.  I didn\'t have enough $ to get Frankenstein Brothers though, darn it.  

But the show...the show.  What a show.  That 1 Guy was fun too, as usual.  He didn\'t play with Bucket for most of the night like their 2006 tour, but they had a couple of serious jams towards the end for about 25 minutes that were pretty cool.  


Indra, i assume you are talking about the lawrence show. If so, I was there too (will post a review later). You\'re right it was awesome. I think he actually played 2 songs off Albino Slug and 2 of Frankenstein Bros.
Eye Feel Fine(d)
I Feel Find
I Fell, Fin.


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i am stoked for another eugene show, as that\'s where i live. the last one was my first ever, and i wasn\'t able to get an autograph on the my little pony he threw out at the show, this time i\'m gonna try to do eugene, portland and seattle, try to guarantee my self an autogtraph opportunity
sooooo stoked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Anyone else hitting the Seattle New Years Eve show?


Got my tickets for BB Kings in NYC Nov 1!


QuoteAnyone else hitting the Seattle New Years Eve show?
Yes, I think so! Bought a ticket today--a long time to wait. Patience...



Was at the show last night.  My assessment...That 1 Guy has an ancient and timeless sound.  Buckethead is a real third eye dazzler.


I needed to tell *someone* how good Wednesday night\'s show in Asbury Park was, so here I am.
I can\'t even express how happy Bucket made me. I was right in the front, pressed against the stage. He gave me a My Little Pony and took my gift, a little screaming guy with a skull head. He seemed to like it. He sticks his tongue out when he plays, I could see it through his mask. I\'ve never read that anywhere. He played Soothsayer and Welcome to Bucketheadland, both songs that I love, and also some new stuff that I hadn\'t heard. I danced and smiled from ear to ear the whole time.
In all, it was by FAR the best concert I\'ve been to, evereverever. Now I just have to convince my boyfriend to go with me to B.B. King\'s Nov. 1st!


Happy you enjoyed yourself  ;D i saw Bucket the 3 previous night\'s my shot\'s must look very familiar ;D
I can\'t wait for my next ride to Bucketheadland.
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