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Started by CMA, November 25, 2004, 01:35:25 pm

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Chris DiCicco

Can I weezle my way in to this tightly nit Conversation first I love Digitech , there life savers ( not the Candy ) and second Mr. Moss Islands and Clocks are like the Left hand and Right Hand both have sounds and Riffs that blow me thru the Roof. Lastly Travis Thanatopsis 1 & 2 and soon to be three are amazeing keep on the keep on, shining. a right sorry for thee intorup but I had to speak at\'ch ya.

The Exosphere  2013


Chris (M in this case), pic 1 are reissues but pic two are eight vintage Neves,
About $48,000 worth of them. There are lot of good affordable pre\'s out there but the really great ones are gonna cost ya.


this one guy explained to me the inflation that occured because of sales methods involving guitar equipment, and you know what?  it made me really sad.

Anyways, i still don\'t find digitech appealing, aside from the whammy.  it just seems like they\'re second rate boss effects with a "morph" switch which makes them crappier and more costly.  :-\\