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Know it will be worth waiting for!!! Damn the Customs though!! >:(
Congratulations. I would have loved to have it.

I\'ll Be Lookin out!!
For all you BIg B fans I can heartily recommend "Day Of The Robot" !!

If you dont have it a real bargain at $9 or £4.50 UK.

Thanks Travis!!

 ;D ;D;D
Agree totally, would be great if could get the stuff in FLAC.

I downloaded some of the stuff from Buckets Live Wedges site in FLAC and burned it to a CD and the quality was fab!!

My Buckethead  related CD collection now stands at 28 CD\'s!! (much of which I have obtained thru this site) and there is not a single piece of music on any of it that I don\'t love!!!

Not many other artists I could say that about!!

Is there no end to this mans talent....And yours of course Travis.

Next stop prob day of the Robot and Disembodied.
Used It for Slaughterhouse.....which have been after for ages...Great stuff!! Thanks Travis!! ;D
QuoteI like Inbred Mt. better.  Of course EMAC is great, but IM is just one of the best albums ever.  It\'s more of a concept album, though, so you have to be ready to go on the ride, if you know what I mean.  

+1  ;D
QuoteWe in the UK are still waiting ...since 1998 for a solo gig  ;D

A trip to the USA could be our only option!  :-[
QuoteI own over 500 cd\'s by various artists. About 40 of those cd\'s are buckethead or buckethead related. Since I started listening to Buckethead in 2000, I do not give much time to my other 440 or so cd\'s. I will listen to Buckethead for months at a time, and then return to my other cd\'s for only days at a time only to miss listening to Buckethead. Is this healthy? Only you, my fellow bots can give me the diagnosise that I want to hear.
P.S. Before Buckethead, I used to give most of my listening time to the god of all singers Mike Patton. But even he cannot hold my attention like the great Buckethead.

I suffer a similar complaint...But hell I like it!!Do you like it too?  ;D  ;D
Reckon it\'s fairly accurate. :)
Quoteright now, there are no new tour dates announced...this thread is from last year. we all hope to see him live in 2007, so keep yourself updated here , and on +  go from time to time to tour dates section...

but living in europe, as I do too, your chances might be small to see him there. I flew over to the states last year to see 3 bucket shows and praxis in las vegas .
and it s worth every cent or penny. believe me.

I\'m seriously considering doing that myself...Probably the only way I\'ll ever get to see him live!!  :\'( :\'( :\'(
Really don\'t think I could choose!!

I have avidly soaked up everything to date that I have managed to get my hands on..... and not been dissapointed by a single note. I just love it all!! ;D ;D ;D
OK, Thanks Chris. I am lucky enought to already have a vinyl copy of Slaughterhouse.  ;D ;)
Shame... Guessed it would prob be something like that. Oh well the search continues then.  :(