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TDRS artists, music and related topics / Re: Muratorix PV
December 19, 2008, 07:58:39 pm
Here is one more that is kind of neat-o

There are links to other portions of the show
TDRS artists, music and related topics / Re: Muratorix PV
December 16, 2008, 07:40:13 pm
I would hesitate to call his entire act a tribute. But he pays tribute to Buckethead in several flattering ways. I don\'t know if it is clear to everyone though. I also pick up influences or "paying tribute" to van halen, kiss, paul gilbert and several others musician/entertainers. ymmv. I only know what I\'ve been told by a friend and what I\'ve seen on youtube.
TDRS artists, music and related topics / Re: Muratorix PV
December 16, 2008, 01:55:56 pm
Yes. Muratorix live is  definitely where the influence shows the most. The promo video is just a hint. Matching Buckethead note for note is a daunting task but he makes up for it in enthusiasm and craziness. I think it is definitely flattering tribute to Buckethead imo. But my preference is definitely  Buckethead\'s emphasis on music  while performing and less on the other elements. Just my opinion though.

And I don\'t mean to minimize anyone\'s opinions on a potential collaboration at all.   ;)
TDRS artists, music and related topics / Re: Muratorix PV
December 15, 2008, 05:12:24 pm
If I understand correctly Buckethead and Muratorix did meet in Japan at a Buckethead or Praxis show. He is a BH fan and pays tribute to BH but I don\'t know about any collaboration talk. I don\'t think there is any. I have a long list that I think would be interesting too, like Trey Spruance of Mr Bungle, as an example.

Muratorix is well known around Japan, has an endorsement with Ibanez. He is well known for his guitar playing, weight lifting, back flips and being quite the showman.
TDRS artists, music and related topics / Re: Muratorix PV
December 14, 2008, 08:09:49 pm
Yes, "Speak Japanese or Die" is the title.  And in my haste I forgot to erase the PV which i think stands for promo video. So much for smooth copy/paste editing.

It\'s interesting to see a Buckethead influence with a neat spin on it. And the VH-styled bucket could be something that Buckethead would even binge on, if he hasn\'t already.

TDRS artists, music and related topics / Muratorix PV
December 13, 2008, 04:15:09 am
Hey Travis,

Long time fan and lurker, first time joiner. Thanks for having me.

I talked to a friend of mine from Japan and he told me about this guy Muratorix PV. He\'s big BH fan and pays tribute The Bucketed One in many ways. I don\'t know if this has been posted before but I think that most Buckethead fans will get a kick out of it. Nevertheless...speak japanese or die!

I hope all is well with you and Buckethead et al,

Mr. Obrecht\'s writings have informed and enlightened me for years. I\'ve subscribed for a long time.
Both Buckethead and Tedesco wrote columns for Guitar Player magazine. Not concurrently, though.

Buckethead\'s "Psychobuddy" columns in the early 90s were my introduction to his musical stylings. They were printed sporadically thru the early 90s and I think the last one was run in 94. I miss them.

Tedesco\'s long running column detailed a lot of his studio work with examples of the cues that he played back in the day. He was an amazing musician.
I would suggest to start with the most recent "Albino Slug" and work backwards. Bucketheadland, Giant Robot, Praxis Transmutation, Colma, Phonosychodisk Turbulence Chest, Monsters and Robots, Cuckoo Clocks of Hell, All the Thanatopsis, Crime Slunk Scene, Electric Tears, I could go on and on and on  Enjoy them as you can!