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General Discussion / Re: Die Antwoord
March 05, 2010, 11:51:23 pm
The whole thing makes me think about Gummo for some reason. ::)
General Discussion / Re: Die Antwoord
March 05, 2010, 07:36:57 pm
It works as an artistic statement, but I can\'t say I\'m a fan of this dude. At least not yet. Some very good non-cliche visual imagery for a rapper of this day and age. That\'s probably what struck me the most. Although I may be out of touch on that  at this point. As far as his rapping goes he has a spirited delivery but relies too much on the f bombs to interest me much.
General Discussion / Re: Die Antwoord
March 04, 2010, 06:57:24 pm
Definitely freaky! ::)
I guess I\'ll have to look up the definition of "jank." If  it means "Hey thanks for thinking of fans that missed out on the initial pressing of [insert cd title here] that is currently out of print so we can enjoy a legitimate artist rendered cd copy at a reasonable price" I would have to say that TDRS would be the "jankest." Otherwise that\'s pretty foul, dude.

I don\'t think this is about all future new releases or all repressings in general, just a few titles that have recently picked up some interest that are currently out of stock.

I think that if I didn\'t already have a particular cd, I would be content with an on demand cdr with the printed artwork. I rarely play the cds themselves these days as much as catalogue them digitally. 24 bit would rock.
It would be a lot of work to go through and remaster CDs with extra tracks or artwork etc... That use of time and resources would probably be drained from future releases.

An autographed digipak option  would be kind of neat. I might pick one of those up for myself or a gift for a friend.
At this point I\'m doing good just to keep up with the new releases as they come along.

I would be interested if there were a bonus track or two.
This suggestion didn\'t fly last time, but I think its worth a try.

It would be an effective marketing tool, even if its different cover art, live tracks or whatever.
Sounds like a good time!!!//// ;D
QuoteHave you seen the "official" buckethead web site? If an youtube page were run by the same individual that runs the "official" website, it would almost certainly suck. I like the unofficial fan page idea better.

Oh poo. And yes, I am very familiar with the official site. Are you familiar with the original post in this thread? Griping about the official site is tiiiired. But go ahead if it floats thine vessel.

QuoteWhy don\'t we make an unofficial "official" fan page on youtube, put all the live stuff, covers, fan made music videos, binge clips/wacky stuff that floats around, etc.

Just a thought, it would be a huge undertaking but if we get like 3-5 people involved that can all log into the account it could be done  :D

I could be mistaken, but I think  this has been tried before. There is so much bootleg quality stuff, I think it would be neat to see stuff directly from the source, Buckethead and crew.

Even if it was only vlog quality. Just something like that or even pro shot shot quality. Whatever is floating around in the Bucket, to give fans a glimpse of what\'s up.
Thanks for chiming in! With all the youtube links about Buckethead floating around it would be neat to see some official new content. Maybe he\'s happy enough with all the user uploaded stuff, but I would like to see some official Psychobuddy-ness!!!
Just curious...seems like that would be a great way to promote his new releases and tours. It would be a great way to tease with new binge clips, etc...

I miss those days when the binge clips forshadowed new releases and featured fun stuff and shenanigans.

It seems that youtube takes a  lot less maintenance than a facebook or myspace. The official web page and toystore are great at telling the story and getting releases out, but having an official youtube presence could supplement that and be a big win, perhaps, without too much trouble.
So Awesome!!
Hoping you and yours had a great one.
Merry Christmas, belatedly
Can\'t wait to check it out!!
I think the silver/metallic hip waders make him look like half of the Tin Man. Or a slaughterhouse worker from the moon!