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A quick review:
Over all this Cd is awesome but is too short. It's like a roller coaster changing from chill to freakout within the songs themselves. The first song is so good that I would buy this recording just for this song (if i didn't already purchase it.)  So thank you Buckethead for another ass kick'n.

Track 1 - My favorite on this recording.  It's like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde moving from a very lovely piece to straight out ass kicking.  The song moves like this from mellow guitar only to shred many different times.  You can tell that Buckethead put some time into this song.  The metal riff are so fast and notey that its hard to air guitar to it hahahaha.

Track 2 - Has more of a metal feel throughout the whole song even though it does chill for a minute in the middle of the song.  The chunky riffs at the beginning are boss with solo over it all.  Then it goes mellow and slowly crescendos back to a metal song the whole time soloing.  Then the song ends on some mellowness for a few seconds.

Track 3 - This song starts out really strong incorporating metal and clean in the riffs alone.  About a minute into the song it goes mellow for a few seconds before kicking ass again it does this a couple times.  Then the song takes a major shift to solo.  The solo is good but the backing track is lacking. The dynamics of the solo fall short because of the repetitive backing track changes and the solo does not.  This part of the song is way too long and solo not bad ass enough to keep it going.  Once he jumps back into the song it's all good again.  This is my least favorite because of the middle of the song, unfortunately because it's the longest song.

Track 4 - Death Cube K has made an appearance.

Track 5 - Starts out with a notey riff that goes chunk.  Break for a mellow part that pops back into metal with a solo (great dynamics!)  It goes back to mellowness then into a more heartfelt solo laden with the whammy bar over a clean riff.  Good stuff man!

Track 6 - Reminds me of an In Search of the... song.  Drums way back in the mix with the bass.  Awesome solo over the whole song and again he's using that whammy bar.

Track 7 - I love it when he does songs without any accompaniment, just him and a guitar.  He's playing an acoustic and he plays a bit then breaks then plays again.  Because of that alone it reminds me of Who me? I would love another recording devoted to this type of playing.
That was awesome!  Thanks man!
#210  Which has a similar drawing to #8  :)
Now time to take a listen!
Just checked pikes website... limited edition is sold out!  so, I'm guessing our copies should be coming soon... hopefully this week.
Just wondering if there is any new news...
Quote from: DroidHunter13 on January 21, 2013, 04:14:30 pm
Quote from: MuldeR on January 19, 2013, 11:16:16 pm
On the list of all the projects of which I would love to see a continuation, "...Regards" has the lowest priority :-X

("Thanatopsis" and "C2B3" probably have the highest!)

Those two and the Frankenstein Brothers...I would LOVE to see another album come from those projects.

My top continuation would have to be EL STEW or anything with Extrakd!  We are well over due for a Cornbugs recording too.  Not to mention the Deli Creeps!

I personally love #7 the most right now... I find it more metal throughout the whole disc! 
I took 8,9, and 10 and made 2 CDs from them:  A heavy one and a chill one.  I cant stop listening to the heaviness!  I wish I could point out my favorite songs but with the songs on random and the fact that I'm driving makes it difficult to name them.   

Going back and listening to the other pikes I feel kinda bad that I wasn't into them much... because now I just love them all the more!

I just love Balloon Cement so much even though its so intense from start to finish... I kinda look at it as another Cobra Strike or a Somewhere Over the Slaughterhouse!

CANT WAIT FOR MORE PIKES!  MONTY RULES! oh... so does Buckethead I guess. lol
I'm digging on these 3 a lot!  But what I did was I combined the 3 into 2 discs... one with all the heaviness and on with all the chill.

Cant stop listening to the Heaviness!!!!!
I had a student let me listen to another version Jordan with what sounded like Bootsy Collins on bass.  It was an extended jam session... that was the only time I have seen or heard about it. 

Still need to get the Forgotten Trail extended jam too.
Think of it as an advertisement... you might just draw in a new collector to the world of Buckethead.
Quote from: Travis on October 11, 2012, 03:10:36 pm
How would you feel about a thumb drive with all the art work and maybe even 24 bit wav files?  Burn a disc if you need them. The possibility of extended goodies, art and video.  My car stereo has a USB input on the front and I just plug a thumb drive in.  However, I still see the future as download only.

I think this is a great idea for releases that are unavailable.  The idea of extra content is enticing for a person who already have the recording.  I would purchase it just to have all of that info on file because CDs do not last forever.

I would still love to see the production of CDs as a first and only run (1000.)  The first 100 to 200 could have something about them that makes them limited and would cost just a bit more.  My band made 100 CDs ourselves and with what we put into it and the profit paid for the 1000 we got from Disc Makers.  The first 100 had all the lyrics and extra art too.  Now any time we sell a cd its pure profit... of course we still have hundreds of cds but we are not trying to make a living out of it either.  I guess what I'm saying is that if you did something similar by making the first couple hundred of a run a bit different it would increase the demand.  Then after that demand is complete you'll have to sell the rest of that first and only run.  Then when all of those fans who were unable to get that only run could purchase a thumbdrive or a download with the extra content.

I'm sure your thinking... Extra content?  More than what I already do?  But this might be a way to keep a better flow of income coming your way.  It also scares me that no one has posted anything on this topic either... I dont know? What do you think?

Excellent insight Travis, and thank you for it.

As a musician I understand completely and as a collector it saddens me to think that the digital world is winning. 
My guess is that when he works with Travis again... we'll see that recording here.
Not sure if you guys know about this...     

"Twisted Metal Theme" by Larry LaLonde, Dan Monti & Greg Tripi
    "Gentlemen, Start Your Weapons" by Chuck Carr
    "Boom" by Dan Monti
    "Deathwish" by Larry LaLonde & Dan Monti
    "The Twisted Fate of Sweet Tooth the Clown" by Michael Wandmacher
    "Race To Destruction" by Brain
    "Shotgunner" by Larry LaLonde & Dan Monti
    "Carmageddon" by Chuck E. Myers, Tommy Hopkins, Jake Bowen & Joel Stevenett
    "Object Identified" by Brian Lovechild
    "Mr. Grimm's Dark Trip Back" by Michael Wandmacher
    "Ready Set Destroy" by Sascha Dikiciyan
    "Roadkill" by Larry LaLonde & Dan Monti
    "Motorpsycho" by Chuck Carr
    "The Madness of Dollface" by Michael Wandmacher
   "Ready To Die" by Brain & Buckethead
    "Bruise Control" by Brian Lovechild
    "Hell On Wheels" by Chuck Carr
    "Shoot To Kill" by Brian Lovechild
    "Calypso Industries" by Michael Wandmacher
    "Get Twisted" by Hip Hop Gamer & Brain