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Wow!!! this is mega
It\'s a weird question that\'s why!!!  I wouldn\'t want him to use it 100% of the time and I wouldn\'t never want him to use it.  It\'s an effect to use some of the time just like all the other effects.

Peace out
total nonsense
I received mine a few days ago and never thought to open and check it cos i have the mp3\'s already  :o
HAHA What a pisser!!

Yes, the sleeve and the artwork on the CD were correct, just the wrong music pressed onto the CD.

Thats a cool thing to have! assuming it is replaced of course
How\'s about I really mix things up here and tell you I was also there :o

This does not detrect from the thread as when i first saw it, i hopped on over and bought it  ;)
Reckon we have nearly covered em all cos i have 2 favs and they are "The abstractions of Beasts" and "Future Evolution"

Well I picked up my Best Regards from the post office and so far it\'s pretty good.  Listened to orange and blue.  Usual experimental type tracks for a limited edition with the special ones thrown in between.  So far Blue track 1 is by far the best.

Peace out

No. 150 BTW
Bot from the U.K. just got a card from the post office saying i got to pay £16.80 tax for B.R.  To make it worse the office is shut till tomorrow so i can\'t even get it till then.
QuoteHeard bits about both, apparently there\'s some confusion between SDT and Cuckoo Clocks Of Hell. That\'s because there\'s a song on SDT that\'s called Cuckoo Clock Of Hell. I don\'t know much more and I also would like more information.

As for the Disney record, I hear that\'s Buckethead\'s most prized release and he won\'t bring it out until he\'s absolutely satisfied with it. It sounds like it would be an amazing album.

Even though people have disputed this when i put it on wiki, I remember very clearly before cuckoo clocks was released, on the bucketheadland website it advertised Super Diorama Theatre as the upcoming album and there was a preview track which was none other than "Moths to Flame" which is on Cuckoo clocks.  

I have no doubt that SDT was just renamed to CCOH.  People disputed this though and said that there was info on the artists which featured on SDT and they aren\'t on CCOH.

I still believe that SDR is CCOH and for that matter I don\'t believe the disney album exists either
QuoteUK peeps have theirs?

If I\'m the last person in the UK to get it I\'m gonna hurt someone. ;)

UK bot here.  Ordered a few days ago but received nothing yet.  I figured it would take longer than this anyways.
Agree with wanting a new Deli Creeps album and i\'m sure it\'d be cool to see Buckethead play with some other musicians again in his live shows but i have to say that he can carry on releasing albums with the programmed drums i think they are awesome.

I remember back in the day before cuckoo clocks was released when Super Diorama Theatre was to be released.  There was a free track to download from the album namely
"Moths to Flame".  
Cuckoo Clocks was then released with this very same song supposedly from Diorama.  As far as i am concerned diorama theatre changed it\'s name and artwork and became cuckoo clocks.  Why does it say on wiki that cuckoo clocks is commonly confused with diorama?  Unless Travis or Buckethead tell me otherwise, I have no reason to think that diorama was an album that was never released.

Any thoughts?
TDRS artists, music and related topics / Re: Sept 1st CD
September 13, 2009, 05:22:40 pm
Big thanks from a long time uk customer.  Looking forward to your solo release!!!

Peace out