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Your art, music, projects and links / Buckethead covers
February 18, 2012, 02:25:51 pm
Hey Guys, check out my Buckethead covers.

Just do them for fun and my own personal enjoyment.  I don't profess to be anything great on guitar (as you will hear ha!) and I certainly can't shred :-/

Peace out
Your art, music, projects and links / Re: Post your music
February 12, 2012, 10:53:16 am
Quote from: kroak on February 10, 2012, 11:48:43 pm

I'm Klaus Kroak, a performing and recording artist in the UK. I'm greatly inspired by Buckethead and would like to introduce my work to you all. I'm not a clone of Buckethead, as I employ a progressive approach in a hope to define my own style. Check out my latest project, The Comic Horrors, right here:

Thanks for your time. All the best from the UK.


Wow that's some crazy stuff!!! Like it :-)
Hey man, that's a really cool track and your playing is impressive!!!  Have you got a proper recording of the track so I could hear it in better quality?

Peace out
TDRS artists, music and related topics / Re: Drum loops
February 04, 2012, 03:24:11 pm
I think what Monti adds to Bucketheads records is Phenomenal.  I really love the programmed drums he makes.  I think they sound brilliant.

Dan Monti rules!!!
^^^ I agree.  Nothing at all like ARDITR and definitely a sequel to Electric Tears
QuoteI hate to say this, but... I\'m a bit underwhelmed with electric sea. There are one or 2 tracks that stand out. But the lack of structure, composition and little to no climax really bore me. 2 chord songs with improv with 1 or 2 changes are not really moving. I found myself fast forwarding through tracks to find something captivating. Electric tears has a similar essence but is far better in terms of feeling.

Id like to see buckethead spend more than a month or 2 creating an album. Masterpieces take a long time to create. This very well could have been a masterpiece with more effort, but falls short.

Still love ya buck, you have music that makes time stand still. Unfortunately this one doesn\'t...

Personaly I think these things come with time.  Some songs do stand out immediately but others get better with time and that\'s when the true magic of what your hearing becomes apparent.

To say he should spend more time on making stuff I think is nonsense cos you have no idea how long he spent writing these tracks.  

You are of course entitled to your opinion and and I\'m not saying you\'re wrong for having it, but I certainly don\'t agree with it.  From what I\'ve heard, it sounds awesome!!!
I\'ve got 100+ Buckethead related cd\'s. LP\'s would be crazy!!!!
That doesn\'t add up to me.  I buy CD\'s so I have the music and Bucket gets paid as he rightfully should.  You only ever need to use a cd once so it won\'t get damaged.

I\'m not trying to convince you, you obviously have your reasons, but that\'s the way I see it.  Hell, if buckethead released all future recordings through a new format that uses dog shit, I\'d buy it!!!
QuoteI must confess. I haven\'t bought a buckethead cd in two years. The most i used to wait was two weeks.

You must repent!!!  Spend all you next wage on the cds you have missed and then listen to them back to back until you realise the error of your ways.  Once this is completed and only then!!! shall you be forgiven by lord B.

All hail Lord Buckethead!!!!!
What a treat you are in for!!!
QuoteTo me, LuT sounds nothing like Colma or ET. Golden Eyes sounds pretty fresh, kind of like rock mixed with electronic. I can\'t quite put my finger on the beat or guitar. Well, guitar sounds like older songs, but nothing particular.

The title track starts out with some ARDITR-type stuff and goes into some very SBTS-esque riffs. They remind me of that album\'s title track. How it starts out minor and goes major. Very similar moods and riffs to Shadows between the Sky there. As for CEV influence, there are some spacy sounds on Look up There as well as a similar improv-type style.

Much more accurate!!!
Wow that\'s was really amazing!!!!
I can assure you that if I had the funds, I would glady travel from the u.k. to anywhere just to see him live.

Saw him at Leeds fest with GnR but that doesn\'t count
QuoteAt this point I don\'t even mind if it isn\'t England he visits. He could literally go anywhere in Europe and I would fly out to see him.

I\'d love to say I could do the same but i probably wouldn\'t be able to afford it, but then again I\'d probably just get into debt for it
Feels like there never will be  :(