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I wouldn\'t get my hopes up for any OOP albums other than those on TDRS label to be reprinted/available again. Although it did happen with Bermuda Triangle...
QuoteI\'m happy with paying a little more to get harder to find, OOP CDs back in the store. My collection is steadily growing and they look damn good on my shelf.

Ditto this; I\'ve paid more than the original cost for several out of print cd\'s (DOTR, SOTS, Bermuda Triangle)... I certainly wouldn\'t mind paying more for an OOP from TDRS because if the options are:
a) don\'t own cd  
b) pay high price from second hand seller
c)  pay TDRS more for reprinted version

I\'d choose c) because it will get the most amount back to the artists involved (Bucket, Travis, Brain, etc.) and the price would be the same as or likely less  than buying secondhand
Got my package of CD\'s and poster today, thanks again Travis for taking the extra time with the poster.

Maybe if we can get enough response in this thread another pre-order type deal could be done for some of the OOP discs (I\'m looking for Shadows.. myself). I could certainly put money up front to help get some more discs available.

I would be completely against having download only format for new music. I am somewhat against the idea of spending money on something with no physical representation. There is something additional to Buckethead\'s music that having the CD makes it that much better. If download was the only option what would stop less scrupulous people from thinking hey I can either download it for free (pirate) or download for $10, which option do you think they would chose.... I am proud of my Buckethead/Travis/ etc. CD collection.... the only Buckethead in my music library that doesn\'t have a CD sitting on my shelf is NTT. I won\'t even copy Bucket cd\'s for friends, insist they purchase them instead.
Dang, I was just about to order this and Left Hanging...
Just ordered EMAC, CSS, Chicken Noodles, and CS2. Will get Peppers when its back along with the new Shin Terai (and whatever else Bucket may have put out by then) !
Hey Travis, theres a few discs that I plan on ordering, Peppers Ghost included, I\'m wondering if I should just wait for Peppers Ghost to be repressed and just make one order, or if its going to take awhile then Ill just order the rest now and Peppers later.

Goto bordersstores.com and check all of the stores around you. After they posted up at .tk that this cd was going the way of Bermuda Triangle, I checked bordersstores today and found one store around me that had one copy left.
Travis, if you need to do a preorder type thing to get them repressed I would be down to advance my money for the copy, I\'m sure most others here would too.
Ordered ! (Along with Lightyears, figured I might as well just get it now and save on shipping) Man you guys are quick !
Hey, is this the Dreamatorium you are refering to ? I just got it on Ebay for 19 something shipped, the disc is in perfect shape ! Picture includes my other newest wedge, CSS.

Shipping was 1200 yen, making the total, like I said 4700 yen, which like I said is around $42 right now.
Thanks to Mozy Bot\'s tip in the Cuckoo Clocks thread over at .tk I was able to get Bucketheadland brand new for about 40 dollars shipped from HMV.co.jp. The odd thing is I have received the set but they have still not charged my card, the total came out to about 4700 yen (around 42 dollars). So if anyone needs this and doesn\'t want to pay the ~70 some dollars people are charging new or used then HMV.co.jp is the way to go !

Here is a picture of my latest wedges that arrived today (minus CSS, which I ordered and received IM instead which I already have, but Travis has already taken care of it (talk about good and fast customer service) so I should have CSS very soon)

I agree with the tc on Enter the Chicken, its by far my least favorite Buckethead disc. I just cannot listen to any of the songs but Coma and Waiting Hare (and obviously Nottingham Lace is excellent). We are one is alright but still not really my style... the rest are just too screamy for me, I really can\'t stand them at all. Its unfortunate, I never thought I\'d have a Bucket disc that I couldn\'t put in, hit play and let it go and enjoy it.
Hey Travis, if you could say, what previous DCK release (or other Bucket release) is the music on this one close too ? I was more into Disembodied then Tunnel (and don\'t own Dreamatorium, although if I can find a copy I will)


...Ordered, don\'t want to miss this, as it will probably go much faster than the ISOT sets