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i was kinda wondering wondering the same thing
just post a big thanks on the isot board
yeh i would like to know what the name of that untitled track at american music hall is, i\'ve heard it doesn;t apppear on any of "isot" wedges, also does anyone know how the hell i get my hands on "well well well" without buying giant robot NTT for *5 BILLS!* or stealing it off a torrent site which i would never do
Rey Mysterio? ;D
via condios amigos
Dance remixes are hilarious and great on disc 2
 The cd is great just got it today, ghost upstairs and thugs are good ones ( not that they all aren\'t but those both grabbed me)
dude u should buy every bucket album on here

 they\'re all interesting and good listeninsssssssssss

if u don\'t like long songs: BUY FUNNEL WEAVER there isn\'t a track more than 2 minutes and theres 40 plus tracks AND THEY ALL RIP