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WOW that video was sick what kind of class or reason was this video made for, was this like a final senior project.  Either way kudos that was nice
That deck is awesome, did you illustrate your avatar also?
FOUND IT. 1:05 of Wormers and 1:50 of Lurker at the Threshold Pt.2

The riffs finish differently but they connected for me. Anyone else think so?

BTW been a while since I\'ve been on the boards. I\'m somewhat patiently and eagerly awaiting Big B in Portland ME and Mass.
Quotedid anyone hear anything familiar in the song Empty Spaces.  I havent done the research but I swear this song is a re-imagined song off of Cobra Strike 2 or its from Somewhere Over the Slaughterhouse.  Its like I know where the song is going even though Its different... does anyone else hear it?

Not in Empty Spaces, but I did hear something in Wormers @ 1:05 that reminded me of something. Thought it was Hall of Scalding Vats but nope. Checkin EMAC now, reminds of that too.
Yeh Blake throws it DOWN  :o

Really want me a copy of this track.
Nasty stuff.  ;D

TDRS artists, music and related topics / Re: BH hoodies
November 03, 2010, 01:23:24 am
Hoodies, hoodies, hoodiEs!
This is a little away from the stuff people have been discussing but secret chiefs 3 (particularly the "1st grand constitution and bylaws" album) would be a band to check out if you like electronic crazyness with some skiddish arrangements and a lot of strings. Not every album has the same general feel so if you haven\'t explored chiefs before, get ready to enjoy some SERIOUS variety.

SC3 and Buckethead are pretty much the grunt of my daily listening :)

All of SC3 is awesome I just think the above mentioned album has some tracks the author of this topic would enjoy.... as well as everyone else  ;D
QuoteIf we don\'t get anything new for a while I\'m cool with that. I would like to think that he is chillin with friends and fam, recharging his batteries and relaxing, he does have a personal life besides making music.

He gives sooooo much and is very prolific. I liked both FF and NIASS, when I hear people complain about those 2 albums I think they must not understand how the "artists brain" works. Expression of one\'s self comes in many forms and needs many outlets, if you don\'t get it then it is your loss or maybe it just wasn\'t meant for you.

Suprises are what makes life exciting to me, and I am sure big B has a few left in his bucket for us. Just be patient and it will come, if it takes years then so be it. I get sad that some fans express that they want more albums or they want something specific like Giant Robot or another Colma, complain about touring with the ipod - the man seems to continually move forward not backwards so just hang on and enjoy the ride. You can get off at any time, no one is forcing you to stay on. We are all blessed to have his music not entitled and I know most of us understand that.

I just don\'t like seeing the "give me, give me" attitude some fans have and it is a sad commentary about how many spoiled kids don\'t realize how lucky they are. Be grateful you don\'t live in a war torn country like Iraq or Iran or that 200,000 people in your country didn\'t just die from a earthquake - those people have REAL problems, not having a big B concert or new album doesn\'t even register.

OK enough of the buzzkill - Rock on everyone!!!

EDIT: beau, this was not directed at you or anyone else specific. I just read stuff here, there and at other boards that make me upset when people demand more of big B. As an artist and friend of many artists this opinion in me has been built over many years, I\'m sure the people I offend with this post (if any) are all great fans and by no means do I imply that I or others who liked the last 2 albums are better fans. We are all on the rollercoaster together.

:) :)

Amen Brother. The doomride will never stop for me, unless of course i get off @ the John Merrick Elephant Man Bones Explosion or another equally awesome ride.

PS: I thought the ipod was delightfully hilarious and awesome  ;D
talk about the cats pajamas!

this is a much appreciated late "B"-day present for this groundhog (yes my b-day is on groundhog\'s Day, and I wish that douche in the top hat would leave my buddy Phil alone!)

anyways, I\'m listening to shadows right now while studying for my chemistry exam and I must say, this was just the right sound that I needed at this time; unoffensive to the mind and as smooth as a baby\'s bottom.

This album is terrific. I\'m about to play it through for the second time. Many thanks Bucket.


iconography is the bees knees a well.
SO, this past Sunday I went to my sisters dance performance at a local arts center. Lots of different dance styles lots of different music, including Carpal Tunnel Slug off of Pepper\'s Ghost! Yeah I was stoked too!

the dance piece that accompanied the track was titled "martial arts flick", and how appropriately awesome it was!

the dance involved four white ninjas (while being observed by their master) battling a giant 6\'7" or so raging drunken Master with long shaggy hair . There were bo staffs, crippling pinches, death touches, the whole bit!

My sis had no idea it was Big B.
One of the coolest surprises!  ;D.
Herbie, that\'s Buckethead\'s buddy.
Duckhead, these mystery matchbox cars are awesome! they will fit right in with my other toys.

they even have found matching LEGO Buckethead drivers!
Once again thank you! this contest was too much fun  ;D

BTW, I\'m another fellow star wars fan  ;D can\'t get enough

biscuit bag wrapping and Seuss stickers were sweet


i sent a pm

you rule
QuoteDogsmell - we\'re waiting  ;) - I assume he will take the itunes card. We\'ll give him a little more time, I don\'t want to pull a Duffatron on him.

btw Duff, hope you passed your final - I have a special runner up speciality gift I can include with your prize as a consolation.

Trev Dog -  I understand wanting the itunes card but Dogsmell and Bloodbucket get first dibs. I also understand being safe, but don\'t build your walls too high - the world isn\'t as bad as it is made out to be. If you want to pass on a gift that is fine, we can find it a good home. Who knows, it is unlikely but the 2 winners above you may pass on the card. Thanks for the kudos on the game, It was fun to have you here! ;D

...just wait Chris, we\'ll get to you real soon - you don\'t get the Hello Kitty set

I sent Dog a PM - hope to see him soon.

...and a couple winners asked if they can get a funeral sticker so all prizes will also include one.

Here is the current list, slaw and bburnett are tentative but I don\'t think those will be claimed before your pick.

c\'mon dogsmell...

1.      Crime Slunk Scene Poster  
2.      Hatchin' Grow Duck  
3.      Carl Sagan, the Dragons Of Eden book  
4.      $15 itunes card  
5.      2 "Mystery" HotWheels cars  
6.      The Utopian comic book,  
7.      Yomega Saber Wing Yo-Yo and The Best Yo-Yo Book Ever  
8.      Cormac McCarthy's book The Road  
9.      Bruce Lee Patch  
10.      Rob Zombie, the Devil's Rejects sticker  
11.      Hello Kitty Sushi Bar stationary set - slaw slinger
12.      2oz bag of Coffee Beans and Hawaiian playing cards - bburnett
13.      ........ any $15 TDRS cd - Yakuza

 OH!? so I do get a prize? amazing! Would that mean i get the last prize left?

PM u I shall, excitement I feel!