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QuoteTDRS and friends has gone above and beyond.  

The set that\'s now available will make an excellent gift for friends and family, and the music is sure to be enjoyed by all who\'ve been planning to hear it all along :)

and, Travis, your attentiveness has spoiled us all, as far as customer service.

Well done!
and of coure, BIG BIG love to Buckethead

What more can be said  :)...nuff said said it best!

We cannot thank you enough Travis!
Buckethead Thank you! going the distance and beyond...ISOT is incredible. Beyond my wildest imagination! store...never ending delimbed delights...Buckethead you are beyond generous!
a few haikus... for youz :)

ISOT pt 1
Commander of strings
Buckethead ... In Search Of The
Creative genius
ISOT pt 2
Hours of black sharpies
magical musical strings
calling patiently?
bye bye sharpie (ISOT relief)
Magical strings yearn
In search of the sharpie ends
Master has returned

Much lovez...and BIG BIG HUGZ!  :-*

QuoteThis is still in the works. We have a lot going on here so things are getting backed up a bit but it\'s still in the pipeline.

Thank you Travis! Hope you all are feeling some chi inbetween the maddnes...hang on tight to the bar!
Stay disembodied!

Big HUGZ!  :)
Bucketheadland III yup yup wouldz be  FUN FUN FUN! YAY!  ;D
Big HUGZ!  :-*
QuoteWhat does Bucketheadland sound like? I ordered it along with Bermuda Triangle and i\'m wondering what to expect from it.

Bucketheadland is full of amazing creations, guests, and LOTZ AND LOTZ of magical creative and classic Buckethead MUSIC! I love it...FUN FUN FUN!!!
Big HUGZ!  :-*
hmmm... Electric Tears...BEaUtiFUL! Acoustic thinkz my eyes are gonna bleed tears...for starts.
Big Hugz  :)
I love every note and sound that IS reply to your question...EMAC yup gotta have it, Inbred Mountain, Lotus Island and Plastination...are absoutley great. ISOT I am loving the journey for about the 5th time....and Giant Robot NTT IS a i said i love them all..but you need to hear Scraps, and masterpiece Mrs Beasley...and you can only find them on NTT.
I love Bucketheadland!
Big hugz!  :-*
QuoteWhen will Buckethead be on tour in Texas, especially in the Austin or San Antonio area. I saw him in Austin this year. It ruined me for other concerts. I will never see a better artist. Totally beyond anone I\'ve ever even heard of. BUCKETHEAD RULES![/u]  

Yup we all lovez to see our Buckethead and getz our heads sledged! Weeeeeee!
hmmmm....Let\'s see...he\'s been going beyond the distance for us botz...AGAIN!...busy busy psycho maniac he is ....
I\'ll wait...whatever it takes...chewing fingers to bloody nubs is ok...torture and pain...this corpse of mine hopez he takes some R&R fun fun time for himself! ...of corpse when he is rides eyes are gonna pop out and my head will explode! Weeeeeeeeeeeeeee!! Hee hee!  ;D
Big HUGZ!  ;D :-*
QuoteThere will be a CD of Blueprints.

 ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D Great news!!! Thank you!!!!
BIG HUGZ!!  :-*
QuoteI\'m lookin\' to get a new Buckethead album, and was wondering what you folks would recommend.

The albums I have now are:

Giant Robot(not Giant Robot NTT)
Monsters & Robots
Electric Tears
Population Override

I\'m looking for something in the same "mood" as Giant Robot, or Monsters & Robots.  In other words, nothing soft like Colma.

So, what would you recommend?

hiya Orn,
First you definatley need to download NTT!! IT is oop. The only place you\'ll hear Scraps and Mrs Beasley!
Since you like the fun in Giant Robot! I recommend Bucketheadland 2...lotz of fun! ;D Inbred Mountain, both Cobra Strikes, Kalidescalp and Cuckoo Clocks of Hell, EMAC, Pepper\'s Ghost, and Crime Slunk Scene...ok...i\'ll be listing Everything..including the Deli Creeps and Cornbugs... ;D
Big HUGZ!  :-*
Me thinkz youz healthy...yes\'s if youz got a sign of a sickness, me thinkz i mist be\'s I listen to Buckethead 110%! Ya I have tried now and then to dig up old corpses...but I need Buckethead sledgeing me in the head ... gorey glee...makes me the happiest... and disembodied like a floating bunny head!
big hugz!  :-*
Quotemaybe \'insearchofhe\' is referring to the rest of us.. not him.  hmmmm?
me thinkz Buckethead knowz where he is...and where he\'s going...seems to me he wantz us to find our way on this magnificent journey...In Search Of The...a symphony slab with one name...sliced into volume wedges...and untitled tracks...Bucket has worked like a maniac!  In Search Of The Buckethead\'s way me thinkz he wants us to use our imagination to see what we can see...listening to the music...
Think about symphonies written over the past 100 years...have NO "name" have a\'s no dictionary has been created to capture the magnificent  strength and feelings they ignite...and that is what In Search Of The is for me...i try to capture what i see...feel and hear but it changes every time. In Search Of The is a genius creation, full of imagination, heart, soul, beauty and fun fun maniac soundz, and a mighty gift from Buckethead.
"Labeling" In Search Of The...may have been fun for some...In Search Of The was delivered in a box...but i dont\' think that it belongs in one
Buckethead thinks of everything ...covers Bucketheadland details perfectly...his magical maniac music speaks, and In Search Of The is just the way it\'s suppose to be.... seems to me If he wanted them to have "official track list" would have been posted to "print" with the release. Mighty undertaking his handz griping the sharpie for each one...and he DID label them and went beyond...for each of us with drawings, and made sure everyone was pleased and satisfied. Must be be grueling keeping up with demands, and bound to be insanity days...with his handz tied to a sharpie. I think we all believe, and know Buckethead has more fun when his handz are free and he\'s playing mighty strings.  
Thank you Buckethead, for In Search Of The, going way beyond for us...everytime.
Big HUGZ!  :)
Quoteim not sure if its legit, cuz i was under the impression that these didn\'t have names, but these certainly aren\'t bad.

I believe you are correct...there was no track listing for the original Blueprints.
hugz!  :)
Pepper\'s heck of a maniac shredfest and beauty bitz blasts...yes this is a great and mighty ride! Epic! cross between CSS, Inbred Mountain, and spiced with EMAC!
Each phase of Pepper\'s Ghost fits together one after the other... twisting and turning sideways and upside down, and there are beautiful melodies that push you forward to the next turn.
Buckethead\'s hands are on fire...Magua WILL scalp you
Yep weeeeeeee all the way .... and at #13 Embalming Plazza is lotz of fun fun yep fun creepy with Death Cube feeeeel the tunnel...and can hear the emblaming fluid....ohh there are allot of goodies in this one...Buckethead picked it to be #13...listen carefully and you will see...
13/13 Pepper\'s Ghost is beyond 100%
big hugz :-*
Travis youz lotz of fun!! thank you for everything youz do...youz mighty busy and good to all of us bots too...youz very nice to understand bot insanity...yep...zappa is cuckoo!

BIG HUGZ!  :-*