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Personally, i think the album is great! The song Ignorance is Bliss is amazing. The cool sound behind it, the interesting lyrics, and THE SOLO ROCKED!

By the way I don\'t know if this subject really relates to TDRS as it was not one of the projects done there (i don\'t think so at least) But either way great album!
Well, to speculate on one question.

In secret recipe you see buckethead get out of a plane (to meet brain) in costume. But, that could have just been for the camera...

So from that i assume he does go out in public with the getup...I would!
I agree...the first day i bought the album i listened to it 3 times in a row, and 7 more times that same week!

It is amazing. It was my first experience with Thanatopsis so i bought the rest as soon as i could and they blew me away!

The song Final Reparation in the Thanatopsis album is one of the coolest things i have ever heard!!
Well, i am going to see him play soon, I will remember to look for it.

Thank you for responding!!!
I was actually wondering if there were Dawn of the Deli Creeps albums out there for sale? If so, where?

Thank You!
A solo album would be awsome, i\'d definately be on board to get one!

Would you tour if you released it? If so, you should come to Austin  :D