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General Discussion / Re: Binge and Grab
September 27, 2006, 02:15:06 pm
I want a thanatopsis shirt that has the crazy astral looking buckethead in the first thanatopsis album  (When you take out the CD the picture is behind it). That picture is SICK!

For that matter any thanatopsis shirt would be really cool!
I am so exited about this new set. I wonder where buckethead had the time to make these though. I mean, 13 discs is ALOT of material and he just got off tour not that long ago (like december...?) i am amazed at how fast he can create these masterpieces!

So far i have bought "I","N"

By the way, i saw that they are limited edition...just how limited, does that mean that if i don\'t buy them in the next month they will be gone?
I want to be involved in anything to do with the Travis/Buckethead duo. I would be a better person if I could see you guys play live!

But a DVD like Quackers or Secret Recipe would be cool to! It would be fun to see a behind the scenes kinda thing, to see how the magic is made...or even just a concert would be amazing!
OK i finally got CSS and I love it! Buckethead\'s use of the pedal bend is amazing!! It is one of my favorite albums! I totally recommend it!

I like the cover art too! I even got a poster of it!
I have not had the opportunity to check out this album...What album of his would you compare it to?
That is awsome!
This album is truely amazing. I sat with this album and my favorite Gin, and I have to say that it is one of the most rewarding experiences I can think of. Travis, you and Buckethead are such an inspiration to me and my brother. I play guitar and he plays keyboard, we try (note the try) to jam and play as you two do and we enjoy the hell out of it. But I just need to thank you for giving me inspiration. I anticipate whatever album you come up with next.

(sorry if I am rambleing, I still have that Gin in me).
Hey Travis, I just found out about the Young Buckethead DVD\'s that are for sale at youngbuckethead.com. I was wondering if you were going to sell those?

Just curious? No rush on a response...

QuoteSince everyone keeps praising both of these albums, I am more interested.  Are they like Colma, Electric Tears, and Population Override or is every track vastly different?

They are not really like those. TEMAC and Inbred Mountain are more metal. They have heavy chords and powerful solos that are really good, not soft acoustic melodies as Colma and Electric Tears have. Dont get me wrong i love those soft albums, but sometimes you need to have something heavier, it is fortunate that i don\'t have to look any farther than Buckethead!

Don\'t expect Colma or Electric Tears, but do expect some damn good albums!
I think that Elephant Man\'s Alarm Clock is brilliant!

It has a different feel than Inbred Mountain and because of that I find it hard to compare. I find Inbred Mountain fun because of the spontenaity, i mean, most of the songs are soo random is just badass! Then Lotus Island and Plastination Station are masterful!

Elephant Man\'s Alarm Clock is more organized and themed (in my opinion). Especially Lurker at the Threshold! Final Wars is awsome! In fact, the whole album is just awsome!

I love them both!
TDRS artists, music and related topics / Re: Ramy Antoun
September 26, 2006, 07:31:03 pm
It\'s kinda funny to find a guy who plays with Buckethead and Seal...that\'s quite a gap!
TDRS artists, music and related topics / Re: Thanatopsis
September 27, 2006, 02:22:21 pm
I am curious...I own all of the Thanatopsis and I noticed many times that there is a violin/viola sound going on (most notably in Final Reparation). I was curious if that is a sound effect or if that was an actual violin.

Thank You!
Sorry, I should have said which movie I meant  ;D
Oh...hehe thanks, i got that a bit wrong  :-[  , well then I guess I will have to check out both of those...

was the movie any good?
Was that the album that he worked with Vai in?

I heard that there is a soundtrack that buckethead did, and in the special features you can see a clip of him and Vai working together. Maybe it wasn\'t Flesh of the Beast, but i think there was one...

Just curious...