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Hey Bob.... Got everything crossed for you guys putting out another album ;D
Another one wanting Population Override ;)
I\'m wanting to buy the "In search of the" set, but a couple of things are putting me off. $100 is a little too much for me at the moment, plus as I live in the UK the shipping and possibilty of a customs charge.

But what about if each disc was added to the mp3 store? People could then buy each disc as they can afford it, and no worries about the shipping.

Have you ever thought about this idea Travis?
I\'d buy any Buckethead on vinyl....
Yeah I was suprised it arrived so soon, I\'m still waiting for another package to come from America that was shipped a week earlier than this.
Thanks again for the superfast shipping Travis, Albino Slug arrived in England today!
I\'d invert that bucket, all black with the details in white, and the funeral sticker would be silver with black letters.
I hope they will get to England before Christmas if they are released on Dec 01.
What I would like...

Buckethead bought a new meaning to limited edition with ISOT, BB, CS, and DCK. I would like him to try and raise the bar higher now and think of another unique way for the fans to have something real personal.

Oh, and the music to go with this? more Population Override please!
It got here, in less than a week. real impressive timing Travis!

As of today I have D.O.E ;D
Just placed my order, should take just over a week to get to England *I hope*. I really really cannot wait!

Yeah I totally get you, you\'re right!

I got print #5, and I must say it looks real good.
I am sure this has been asked before, and it\'s a when it\'s gone it\'s gone thing, and standard versions won\'t be printed.
The reissue is the only Buckethead album I\'ve seen for sale in my town. ever.
What iPod does he have?