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I just checked it out yesterday and it looks quite efficient. I\'ll be trying it out soon, fo\' sho\' T. Plus, it appears that giving both you and the consumer direct control will allow you to offer a greater catalogue of music! Rock on! I also followed the link to the service owner\'s site (1-2-3) and I can see why this would be a great service.

Thanks for saying something, Travis. I appreciate it.

This situation has bothered me too. Now let me take a crack at it...

Look, I bought a roundtrip airflight from NJ to Chi and back. I also paid for two nights at the Hard Rock Hotel. So it all wasn\'t cheap. I went to the show, and as always, Buckethead was the most amazing musician I\'ve ever seen in my life. I had so much fun at the show. Yeah, the set was short. So what! I have no regrets! Shit happens! I\'ve always felt that Buckethead was one of the few real musicians in the world that has integrity and tons of love and respect for his work and his fans. His contributions to his fans have been overwhelming. I\'m sure Buckethead will always be as loving as he\'s been. I\'ve never seen someone so creative and productive, altogether. I\'m just totally impressed with everything about and connected to him. That show in Chi was the sixth time seeing him in a calendar year - and yes it was the worst performance of them all - however, I\'d buy a ticket faster than you can say "headcheese" if and when he comes back to NYC/Philly (and I\'d fly out to see him anywhere if I have the fundage). I\'d never stop going to see Buckethead or buying his albums and exploring other musicians he works with. Honestly, I\'ve been giving it a real listen lately and I must say that Axiology is an all-time favorite now. You were sick on that album, Travis. Totally impressive and beautiful. Ramy\'s beats were ridiculously tight too. I have more gratitude than most could imagine. I\'ve said it before and I\'ll say it again - Buckethead is TRULY lightyears ahead of any other guitar player. Call it a "gut feeling"....only time will tell. In my opinion, he makes Lane, Vai, Hendrix or any other genius look like children learning their first notes when it comes to playing. That\'s MY take on it all. The speed, dexterity, cleanliness, attack, precision, on and on....nothing short of astounding. That\'s just my opinion: he\'s strictly unbridled and unsurpassed. There is no comparison though really - in a league of his own now. I\'d leave every single thing in my life (besides my kid, and Buckethead has toys for him too!) behind to go work for Buckethead. There\'s not a task I wouldn\'t take on to support him. I\'d drop it all in a second for the chance. Personally, I think his management sucks so badly. He has never been represented (been listening to Buckethead since high school years) with HIS best interest in mind. If he\'s going to be so damn productive, he needs the appropriate amount of support. The way he plays his music (the seriousness and commitment) should be the way his representatives and staff support him. I know the artists he partners with all have his back. But these scumbags that just own shit (record labels, etc.) and don\'t know a thing about having a soul need to go immediately. I don\'t know who they are and I don\'t care. Buckethead is the man and deserves more, period.

I wish those bitches that complained a whole lot could be premanently banned from listening to Buckethead or something. It\'s like they\'ve lost the privelege of hearing such beautiful music, in my book. But who knows, maybe they need to hear it to snap out of their negativity. Objective criticism is one thing, being an asshole is another. I love ya Buckethead and I\'m committed to your success in any way I can contribute. You will always have my support.

Travis, you\'ve done so much good work with Buckethead and it\'s amazing. From the music you create to the studio/biz you run, to the commitment you have with each other as friends. You should be very proud of yourself and know that you\'re part of something that is truly special and sacred (which I\'m sure are and know). I just can\'t express enough gratitude for all you guys who make all this possible.

(I want in! Where do I sign up? hahaha, boy do I wish...)

Much Love,
There he is, at it again. You\'re a hardworking and kind fellow, Travis. Rock on.
I went to the Chicago HOB Praxis show and bought the DVD for $25! It is absolutely awesome. Tons of content, all extremely Bucket...patience my friends...patience....
Some of my all-time favorite music has come from your site, Travis. You know you\'ve got my support.
I\'m so ecstatic man!!!! Can\'t wait to hear THAT!

You all tore that album up! I absolutely love it. It is quite "out there" for my usual tastes, but I love it anyway. You absolutely killed the frikkin keys man. Killed em - did a frikkin boot stomp - poor Hammond! Never heard you play so aggressively and raw. (Yet maybe I haven\'t listened closely enough) That was my favorite part of the whole album and I wish you appeared on more of the tracks but there\'s always tomorrow etc. Also, I thought Choptop\'s writings were deeper, more creative and had a much more dynamic delivery than previous works. I bet that album was a ton of fun to make! Thanks for the good times man.
Thanks Travis, how cool! That page is also filled with some great factoids I never knew...
Hey Travis - do those chickens hanging around creep you out dude? For the record, that\'s the most flesh I\'ve ever seen of Buckethead (hand into wrist and around the eyes). You know I can\'t help to wonder wonder wonder! Come to speak of it, are there any pictures of you anywhere for us to see?
TDRS artists, music and related topics / Re: Deli Creeps
February 01, 2005, 05:09:01 pm
"he\'s one of them" - that\'s just too funny!

To even contemplate his mastery of the Keys AND his playing/companionship with Buckethead; well, it just really screws me up.

I\'ll patiently wait.
Hey All!

I have also been floating all over creation lately and haven\'t made any posts in a while. I totally dig the new layout! Thanks for thinking of everyone and for keeping this a well ran board. You do a great job and I\'m sure it\'s a lot of work, especially in addition to your business and your music. I sincerely appreciate all you do for us.