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Right on Aquabot, definitely agreed

I\'m actually in the process of relearning the drums myself. And I am looking around to collaborate with others.

Thanks for the feedback. I truly appreciate it (and welcome any more from anyone).

thanks gkg, I appreciate your comments (did ya notice I still have your site listed on my links page cuz I really admire your work).

dirtface, thanks for the kind words and I do hope to find some others to hook up with - yet I enjoy doing the solo thing for now too. I love my Spider\'s tones and effects, but the volume is a little lacking (only 50 watts which is good for practicing solo yet weak when a kit is rocking at the same time). The RP is really cool, nice programs, but I usually run that direct since it has a pre-amp. You have to match input powers and stuff when combining the RP with the Spider so that\'s usually more involved and stuff than I\'m willing to deal with. So typically when I record, I usually use either one or the other and feed them direct to my audio interface. I dug out my old PA (old Kasino Concert head) and run one or the other through that now for high volume performance and jamming with others. I\'ve got to scrounge up some funds though and just get a half stack for guitar and a full rig for bass and just use the PA for drums and vocals. It\'s becoming more and more of a pain to use practice/small amps for serious volume jamming and stuff. But these smaller amps do the job for digital recording when I feed them direct into my PowerBook. So.....we work with what we have ya know...

thanks guys, peace.
thanks Chris, I\'ve gotta check out your site again (it\'s been a while), but I like the stuff you do too, peace.
Hey All,

I\'ve finally finished re-designing my site. The new home page URL is http://infinitegravity.net/infinitehex.html

Now that all this has been done, I can get back to actually writing new stuff. Please feel free to provide any feedback.

The Infinite Hex
As gkg stated, many hosting companies will offer you the option to register a domain name while you sign up for a web hosting plan. Monthly hosting fees vary based on space and features provided. If you tack on having the hosting company actually design your site (not including maintenance of content down the road), it can cost a couple hundreds of dollars for those types of services. Most hosting companies have a web interface similar to a file directory (like as in Windows Explorer, etc.) and you simply upload and manage your web pages from that interface.

If you\'re knowledgable of HTML and other scripts, I suggest you buy a hosting plan and domain name at the same time from the same company because that\'s the most economical approach that I know of. If you don\'t have scripting knowledge, then I suggest you find someone to design and manage the content of your pages outside of the hosting company because they typically charge way too much for this end of things. Of course, you can always utilize a free web hosting provider until you sort out what you want to do in terms of spending money and most of their tools make posting/publishing to the web rather simple.

Finally, if you\'re stumped, need more info or are interested, I offer web design services through my company. Please see my web site for more details (http://infinitegravity.net) or email me (brian@infinitegravity.net) and we can discuss things. I\'d be glad to help in any way I can.

absolutely dope! all of your work is great... keep posting when you add!

Yet another productive weekend, enjoy:
Just finished a new track over the weekend, download it via http://infinitegravity.net/audio/041705/Trackking.mp3 and as always, I\'d dig any feedback (good or bad). Peace.
Your art, music, projects and links / Re: infinitegravity
February 21, 2005, 06:01:41 am
Sorry for all the craziness; however, everything in the last post can be summed up at http://infinitegravity.net/unoriginal.html

As always, more stuff to come.

Oh yeah, I\'ll be opening up at Erricos (our local club) on Saturday, March 12th, so you probably won\'t see any new music from me until slightly before the show date, since that\'s what I\'ll be working on mainly during the meantime.
Your art, music, projects and links / Re: infinitegravity
February 15, 2005, 09:12:25 pm
Here\'s a blurb about recent developments and the corresponding linkages:

So far, I\'ve finished mixing and uploaded 8 tracks (there\'s like 6 more of them I need to do yet) of the opening band who goes by the name of Unoriginal and there\'s three guys that make up the band. They\'re from northeast Jersey. I used two mics, one per channel, ran them into my M-Audio MobilePre interface, then into my mac mini, used GarageBand2, exported to iTunes and converted them into mp3\'s and that\'s it. My biggest challenge was trying to reduce the bad highs and retain the good ones because the soundboard guy had some stuff going on that I wasn\'t exactly thrilled about, in regards to the eq settings live. Anyway, these tracks are the first I\'ve ever recorded live @ a club and I\'m very pleased with the overall quality. Of course, I\'d welcome any feedback whether it\'s about the band or the quality of the recording or whatever. Sorry, I\'m waiting on the set list cuz there was a few tracks I wasn\'t sure of and all. I\'ll post more stuff as it\'s available. Check \'em out:


Your art, music, projects and links / Re: infinitegravity
February 06, 2005, 09:21:10 pm
nothin\' major...just added a little bass jam track yesterday: http://infinitegravity.net/music.html

so excited about being able to record properly that I haven\'t gone back to re-edit/build up anything yet, of course I\'ll say something if an older track is revised...

Your art, music, projects and links / Re: infinitegravity
February 01, 2005, 02:09:16 pm
thanks gkg & sng - I appreciate the kind words & support

sng - that\'s a great idea about having the two versions posted at the same time, will do

I\'ve just posted a new track titled, "Grooved Analysis" on my site.http://infinitegravity.net/music.html

It\'s a short piece, clocking at just under a minute. I just bought a mac mini (which totally rocks) and had to learn GarageBand. So in the process of getting familiar with the softare, this is what I came up with. I didn\'t use any effects from the software; only from my regular amps. All signals were direct; no mics used at all. I\'m going to trying mic\'ing everything too in order to compare the sound quality. My guess is that it\'ll sound better, more even and easier to control the "gain" levels. So I\'d still like to toy with this track a bit to see if it can be further refined.

I hope you guys dig the little jam. Peace.
And in other good news...I just picked up an M-Audio MobilePre USB preamp/interface ($145) so now I can run my signals directly into my pc versus micing everything very poorly. The quality of my recordings will improve greatly. I tried it out for the first time last night and it rocks, although my poor Pentium II is choking like all hell. Time for a new pc. For now, I\'ll continue to record separate tracks on the four-track, do a mixdown and then send the stereo signal via line/USB to my pc. With a new pc, I won\'t even need the four-track any longer. FYI - I use Nero for all sound editing. Expect the posting of new tracks to pick up considerably now.