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Quotei think travis you should have more cd\'s available here from buckethead that way you make more money thats just my opinion to boost up your store.

Dude...think about it.
It cost money to make CD\'s right...why bother Printing up a new slew of CD\'s once they all sell. Then you risk losing money if the albums don\'t sell.
BUT Travis does offer the albums not printed to disc at the moment as Downloads. What more can you ask for????
what do you expect. an unlimited supply of CDs so that you can buy one when you feel?
And I am sure (and this has happened in the past...Island of Lost Minds ...)
If the demand is high enough for a certian album...Travis will do what he can to get the CD printed up again.
This album is really really amazing! I love every track on it.
great work you guys did on that one Travis
Quotei think bucketheads girlfriend or wife was also on stage dressed like some witch,she came out during the nottingham lace song.

You lunged at Bucketheads girlfriends teats too??? man o man.  ;D ;D
If I knew Buckethead had those..I would have been lunging for them years ago  :P :P
It hasnt been released.
It will be all our dream come true once it does though!!!

To my knowledge. Buckethead doesn\'t want to release it untill it is leas that is what I think i read in an old interview.

My guess also is that he needs to pay Disney for use of the songs before they can be offically released. and I am sure that is pretty damn pricey
OOH I wanna do one

Dear Buckethead,
     May I pleas lunge at your teats. that would be sweet.