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Well my playlist consists of 10158 songs. so you can imagine my tastes are very varied.
you can click on my sig and it will bring you to my play history page.
Quoteyou don\'t know nothing so shut your ignorant ass up >:(


all I was pointing out...was that it is no big deal that you already have this album, because for some reason you think that it is. Judging by your post at least.
I mean, are you on some kind of mission to be the "ultimate" Buckethead fan???
Like I made it a big deal that you already have the album, I just wanted to point out that it is no bid deal to anyone aside from yourself.
Quotei\'m so the man i already have this album yes!

And some of us have had it for months now when the tour started.....what the hell is your point
never heard that name before.
Great videos!
the quality is excellent  :o

good job!!
My Cobra Strike and Island of Lost Minds came in the other day!
As always fast service  ;D ;D
Thanks Travis you rock
Quotekool keith black elvis  ;D

Was thinking more along the lines of Dr. Octagon Keith.
Quotebuckethead and ice cube or buckethead and eminem.

That would be horrible. Cube hasn\'t been quality in YEARS...and Eminem..
shit are you serious??
I\'d like to see Bucket colab with someone like Swollen Members, Busdriver, Kool Keith, Akrobatik, Mr. Lif. something like that.
all those cats would fit more into an experimental colab anyway...not to mention they are all dope rappers
Quotei wonder if buckethead will ever work with a rapper agood rapper not a girl you so fine.

ummm....Saul Williams - 3 Fingers
Quotei don\'t know but i can\'t get enough of secret recipe i want more old school footage i love it all but more.

Get the Binge Videos

I checked this guy out... theres a ton of better lyricists/rappers/hip-hip hop artists out there

I hope this guy never works with Buckethead

I second that D
that guy. as far as hip-hop is concerned is one of the LAST people I would ever want to see the big man colab with.
QuoteI really want to get the Deli Creeps CD but can\'t find a download anywhere.
Can you please release it on this fantastic website for download??

As far as I know Travis is working on getting this for sale in some way shape or form.
Sit tight bro! Im sure we will be able to purchase this album soon enough.

This place used to be filled with nothing but new updates, hard to find info, intellegence and maybe the occasional repetitious question from a new fan.. now I feel myself growing dumber with each post I read by DS.

I hear ya!
I have just only recently registered and started posting, but I have been coming to the board for a good time now.

Man I got pissed about that dude calling Veruca mean.
I know her from another board and also talk on IM and she is such a great person. That really struck a bad nerve for me  >:(

I gotta get my homies backs!!! haha  ;D ;D ;D
Quoteveruca salt your mean >:(

HEY!!!!!! you can fuck with the board with your stupid ass posts and pointless ramblings...

but don\'t fuck with Veruca!!!! she is on of the sweetest people I have EVER had the pleasure of becoming friends with!

god damn I just got more pissed off then I have in a long time!!!!
Quoterespect to travis and buckethead,

but tdrs music isnt just about buckethead, there is a wealth of music travis offers, why not buy them to support the cause you seem eager to support?