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QuoteI was wondering would you mind If I posted my alternate tracklisting for ISOT here in this thread??
not at all go right ahead.
I\'m sure that you worked just as hard as we did at .tk on you list. post away!

"Vol. 13 makes me mad" TRANSLATION: "This 13 disk CD collection is frusterating."

"200.00 too" TRANSLATION: "It\'s $200!"

"Or 260 is you get the cds separately" TRANSLATION: "Or $260 if you buy them separately, instead of all at once."

Thanks. I honestly couldn\'t figure out what he was trying to get across there.
Thanks again

WHAT? what is he searching for

SOUND? no this can\'t be, thats Phil Lesh

MONEY? oh yeah bank time cha! ching!

Vol.13 makes Me Mad.

200.00 too

0r 260 is you get the cds separately  oyi me youza ....

I wonder if these are audition tapes for everything Bucketheads auditioned for.

madness either way .

Chris DiCicco

Is it just me or are the rest of you not too sure of what this guy is trying to say either?

"Vol.13 makes Me Mad.

200.00 too

0r 260 is you get the cds separately "
um, what?

Ah, I was worried that this would run out like at the end of the month, so I splurged and ordered the whole lot. Oh well, I was probably gonna order them all somewhere down the line anyway, so I might as well save on the shipping then.  ;D

and save 60 bucks on the total cost as well  ;)
The shock of me ordering this whole set with little info has finally worn  off.
And now my anticipation for the set to arrive has set in. Man, this is killing me
I just ordered it  ;D
QuoteBest news I heard all week! ;D
I will pre-order it tomorrow!
I dont even want a sample, surprises are the best! ;)

Same here. I would rather wait till I have the album and listen to the whole thing front to back.
Awesome news!!!!
Thanks. I just pre ordered  ;D
The album truly is awesome!
I havne\'t gotten through the whole thing listening real good yet.
The first listen was in Kenny\'s (Shadyshall) car but we had the volume pretty low. It was early in the AM. I was pretty hungover, not sure about him. But yeah...we weren\'t really "listening" so much as it was just very low backround noise.
But I have listend to about half yesterday going to listen to the rest later when I get home from work.
But man...just awesome so far. really really great album.
I bought Chicken Noodles last night at the NYC show.
OH MY GOD. it is very very awesome. I mean wow...just wow.
So far after just listening to it once it reminds me a lot of Electric Tears. I think mainly because it is very mellow and there are no drums.
But there is more going on then Electric Tears with the Keyboards and all.
Just buy the album. It is awesome.
QuoteThat is the meanest,rudest stupidist & just plain dumb assumption I\'ve heard anyone make on someone in my entire life. Do you think its your business? Do you work for the National Weekly Trash magazines? Man, I\'d take a serious look at myself if I were you. Which by the way I\'m glad I\'m not. If you had to work with people with debiltating conditions you wouldn\'t even be asking such f***ed up questions. Go lose yourself.

two very big thumbs up to you my good sir.

Relax, buddy. I was joking.

maybe it is just me. but I don\'t think serious health issues are a "joking" matter.
but hey maybe that is just me.

oh, man, the torture never stops...................

thanks, bukk3tbot, well said! :)

If it aint one board it\'s a mother f\'n nother  ;D ;D ;D

That\'s awesome.

Oddly enough, about 30 minutes after I started this thread I found a picture of Buckethead without his mask or bucket. He\'s only 20 in it, and it\'s the only known picture of his face.

btw, my theory was correct.  ;)

for the sake of the man\'s privacy (which he goes to great lengths to keep very personal)
please try to not discuss pictures of him without a mask...or about his ID or anything else personal about him.
Especially speculitive health issues. That is just flat out wrong and disrespectful.
This is by far the worst thread I have ever layed eyes on.
We had a similar thread on another board.  :-/ :-/ :-/

what is wrong with people??