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you know i respect your opinions in this topic,but i\'ll just agree with mine,travis is a great man a brother to me i\'m just saying if you have albums like giant robot ntt people would buy that so fast it be sold out travis would make alot of money but i don\'t know how he does his business.
i already know tdrs is the best all i\'m saying that i wish he had stuff like bucketheadland,somewhere over the slaughterhouse,day of the robot,giant robot ntt,bermuda triangle,most of these albums i only have as mp3 files.
i hope you have the new shin terai album available light years and the deli creeps album,why is it hard to get a hold of hard to find albums i don\'t get it you could make alot of money why not answer our tastes.
i think travis you should have more cd\'s available here from buckethead that way you make more money thats just my opinion to boost up your store.
thanks dtuck for the advice i appreciate :)
travis what equipment do i need to record my tracks?whats the process to get this done?
i transfered what i audio taped from this show to cd it came out raw but i like it anyways,using my wave recorder with a mic to the tape recorders speaker,the machine gun track is overwhelming it came out perfect.
i\'ll never forget this show one of the best,i made this bucket where i write the date of the shows when the bucket doesn\'t have room anymore i\'ll be complete and no more shows for me :)
i forgot to mention a audio taped this show some songs sound bad but i few i got wright.
4er t56y b78mndeqw
 ;D i meant treats i type to fast so i\'m bound to make mistakes nobody is pufect ;D
i think bucketheads girlfriend or wife was also on stage dressed like some witch,she came out during the nottingham lace song.
man you guys have no idea how crazy this show was,included some kick ass surprises,such serj tankian shana halligan,efrem from death by stereo,kid beyond boxbeat machine,bass nectar,godzilla,giant robot,naked chicks just kiding,the solo on nottingham lace was just bursting with flames,buckethead gave me a toy co\'s i took a bucket like i went for bucket teats i got a legolas lord of rings toy :),i gave him a rooster lady book,i had a shirt i made for him with a permanent marker,it\'s real cool he would have liked it but i missed him after the show i tried to take a picture but he left,oh well.
boy this teats thing is going too far
hey buckethead i\'m your biggest fan all the bucketbots don\'t support me instead they attack me.